Suzuki Bandit 600 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

by - August 16, 2019

            If you are looking for the best ways to make your Bandit 600 your very own, you need to know the must-have upgrades for performance and style that allow you to customize both the look and the feel of your bike. There's no one way to set it up, so you need to plan for your own riding style and unique needs, but there's also a few key areas any performance rider will want to make sure they visit as they plot their ideal build. This guide doesn't focus on individual aftermarket manufacturers as much as it shows you each important upgrade in the bike's core systems.
1. Performance Brakes
            One of the most vital upgrades whether you are pleasure riding or competing in an unlimited class, performance brakes are designed to reduce heat output that increases brake wear and to exceed other manufacturer standards. For some, this means getting more life out of a set. For most, it means being able to ask your Suzuki to do more when things get hairy on a ride.

2. Aftermarket Rearsets
            If you are looking for the SuzukiBandit 600 aftermarket parts and accessories that will have the biggest impact on your experience, rearsets are a must-have upgrade. You'll notice a few major changes as soon as you put a performance set in.
·         Increased control over the bike
·         Additional ground clearance
·         Customized comfort for longer rides and events
            You'll wind up with an easier reach, which makes you better able to respond to those moment-to-moment changes during a ride. This is especially important for shorter riders. Find more gear to make your ride accessible by cruising the widest selection of dirt women’s riding gear and accessories.

3. Customize Your Exhaust
            Whether you go for an easy to install slip-on for fast benefits or you overhaul your bike with a full exhaust upgrade to get the best performance you can, a new exhaust can allow you to take control over your power output and noise. Whether you want to announce your presence or slip by barely noticed, you'll get more than just control over your sound. The right exhaust can also help you control for fuel efficiency and useful power throughput. There's no wrong way to do the exhaust, but remember that if your exhaust overhaul involves changing the air intake, you will need to consider remapping your fuel.

4. Sliders
            No one likes to think about accidents, even relatively simple ones, but they happen. This is especially true if you push your bike in competition or on your time off, and sliders help protect its visual appeal when you go sideways. It's not something you like to plan for, but if you ride in competition, it's something that happens pretty frequently to one rider or another, and aftermarket sliders are a worthwhile hedge against the event. The best part is you can find upgraded crash bungs practically anyplace you see motorcycle parts and motorcycle riding gear on sale. Don't wait to get the protection your bike needs, so you can take those moment-to-moment opportunities without worry whenever you ride.

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