Denim Jacket over the Top

by - October 30, 2017

Denims is not really my thing so I was a bit surprised to see the outcome of my style. I’m living in the Philippines and we all know it’s a tropical country. It’s really unusual for us to put that kind of stunt though some Filipino still pursue it because of the phrase, “Tiis ganda,”  and I think that phrase always apply to me.
Some of you may think that the location is in our school. Yes, indeed it is in our school. Since I am one of the photojournalist for our school publication and for our batch yearbook I have to attend the seminar to further enhance my photography skills though I am still wondering if I’m a photographer or a model. Lol!
During our seminar I wore my white cropped top that I bought from the Sundance Bazaar, jogger pants that my mom bought in Rough Rider Jeans (RRJ), and my Fila shoes. As I was examining my outfit, I know it lack something so the moment that I saw my classmate’s denim jacket, it hit me, that denim of his will perfectly complete my look. This denim jacket is not mine. Yup! You read it right. I just borrowed it to my classmate, who at that time, not wearing it. As I took a glimpse of it, I like it already because of the print or patches it has at the back (I really forgot if it’s a print or a patch so bear with me). And when I look at it closely, I noticed the not so rip it has at the sleeves. I love the way it complement to each other so I didn’t waste any time and asked my classmate, right away, if I can borrow it. Luckily, he let me borrow it for a while.
Denim Jacket – John Robyn Hernandez (Hi Classmate!)
White cropped top – Sundance Bazaar (Forgot the name of the store)
Jogger Pants – Rough Rider Jeans
Shoes - Fila

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