by - October 04, 2018

The action of the nurse while caring for his or her patient.
Susie Monahan is a nurse who is taking care of Vivian Bearing who have metastatic Stage IV ovarian cancer. Susie is a kind of nurse that everyone will look up to because of the things that she have done in the movie. Throughout the entire treatment of Vivian, she assist her in everything that Vivian will do, like giving tissues to clean herself up and guiding her everytime she want to be in a sitting position. She frequently and sincerely asked her questions about her current status and what happened to her before she experienced the side effects of the treatments. She lift up the mood of Vivian to forget the harsh reality that is going on around her and when she really can’t take the pain she make sure to say that she is always there beside her,  one call away, and showed some empathy that can somehow help her emotionally. Conscious or not, she will asked a permission to Vivian before she will do something to her body for some procedures that she need to. She provides information about her current condition and explain it thoroughly to her in order for her to understand the different clauses and she also make sure that she give her an option because what matter most is her opinion. Whenever Susan think that the doctors medication is not good for Vivian, she make up to point to talk to them and discuss the matter because she knows that Vivian cannot take the pain that the full dosage will give to her. And lastly, which is more importantly is the way she respect and fight for Vivian’s decision not to resuscitate her if her heart stop beating. It is when Dr. Jason found out that Vivian is already dead, he called the doctors that handle code blue situation to resuscitate her and what Susan did is to fight them and yelled everyone saying that Vivian don’t want to be resuscitated but everyone is not listening to her but after sometime, Dr. Jason was able to stop them and told that them that he made a mistake for calling them because truly, Vivian make a form and that is not to resuscitate her.

Major concepts seemed to be central in their practice of nursing.
The major concept that central in the nursing practice in the movie are the person, environment, health, and nursing. Susan treat Vivian as a person who needs to be treated and she doesn’t ever showed that Vivian is like a guinea pig because she is being experimented to find cure for her illness. She cared for her as a person and not because of some experiment sample to acquire new knowledge in the field. A good environment also matters because it can make a big impact in the present condition of the client. That’s why Vivian is in a clean, well-ventilated, and quiet environment because it is essential for her recovery. Susan make sure that the quality and wellness of Vivian’s health is the priority. Like she intervened about the full dosage of dose that the doctor is planning to give her, saying that she cannot handle the inside pain even if she act tough on the outside. And lastly is the nursing in which it shows the discipline of science and arts. In here, Susan define what nursing is really is and it is all about the knowledge the she should interact and the skilled that she need to act in order build a mutual trust between the both of them.

Person, environment, health, and nursing relate to each other in a way that they make up the general basis for nursing practice to achieve humanistic and holistic care that client wants to attain. Meaning, from these 4 concepts many nursing knowledge will start to rise because it serves as its guide or framework in the discipline. The nursing philosophies, conceptual models, middle-range theory, grand theory, practice theory, and metatheory develop with the help of the metaparadigm and key concepts it presented. From these 4 concepts, nurses are now knowledgeable enough and competent to address the needs of the every client that they will face in the future.

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