I am Diane Anthonelle D. Loresca a student blogger based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I enjoy creating contents because it continuously sharpens my creative side in every possible way. Being a blogger in this age is fulfilling because it helps me to inspire other people to help them enjoy what they love without limiting theirselves in their comfort zone.
Since I love reading, writing, and taking pictures, I decided to make my own blog in order to share my experiences Beyond ’99. I then established my blog last 2016 and write mostly about my travel experiences, shop reviews, and school related things.
As a young age, I really want to travel and that thinking inspires me to save my allowances from school. I disciplined myself to only buy things that are necessary and ignore those that are not. From my hard earned money, I was able to start going to places that I want to visit be it here in the Philippines or internationally. While traveling, I realized that I want to share the knowledge that I acquire during my travels so that the people who are planning to go to the places that I went to will have ideas on what to expect, where to go around the area, and how to make the travel less hassle and more meaningful.
can write contents about their product. Most of the brands that are pitching out to me would fall in a category of Food, Lifestyle, and Fashion. I write restaurant experiences and food reviews without biased so that future consumers will be able to know if I received a pleasant customer service and if taste of the food will pass their taste buds. Lifestyle brands also asked me to write critiques about their products and I wholeheartedly write about it with full honesty because I want consumers to believe me and expect what they are really going to expect about the brand. Styling myself is one of my favorite things to do because clothes is one of the factor that boost my confidence. I may not have a body like a model but I believe that how you wear it is the biggest factor of an eye – catching OOTD. That is why I am proudly sharing my OOTD ideas to my dear readers so that I can inspire them that they can wear what they want. Sharing the clothing brand for them is just a bonus so that they will know where to buy different kinds of clothes based on their personal style.
As mentioned above, I am still a student. Actually, my batch is the first batch of K – 12 here in the Philippines. I took an Academic track with a strand of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or popularly known as STEM.  That is why I write things about what I like and what I hate about the newly established curriculum. Currently I am on my 3rd year in College with the course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Inc. I write different nursing related activities so that other student nurses can have an idea what activities does nursing students do and what kind of life that student nurses have. Of course, school activities will not be complete if movie reactions are not present in their list of tasks to do. That is why I am also sharing some of the movie reactions that I did so that other students will have an idea on what to write to their paper. Basically, the goal of the School section of my website is to help students to accomplish their school tasks without giving misleading information.