Heneral Luna - Movie Reaction

by - October 28, 2018

Heneral Luna is a heartwarming yet a strong movie that depicts the life of General Antonio Luna during the Philippine – American War. Antonio Luna was a Supreme Chief of the Army of the First Philippine Republic which was under the reign of President Emilio Aguinaldo. He was known for his great leadership skills because of the way he ruled the army even though many people are against him because they are irritated to his strong and fierce personality that he possess. He is the most intelligent in the Philippine military because of his one of a kind strategies that can fool his opponent. He is a kind of a leader that if there is a problem to his ways, he will not ask his subordinates to solve it for them, instead he will be the one who will find ways to solve the it because he is a man who lead with pure actions not a man who lead with so many commands. He is also a wise men because of his words of wisdoms that he often share to his subordinates just to boost their love for our country.
It is really true that people have different opinions and perspective in solving certain things and how they strongly justify that their opinions are more effective than the others. In this movie, there are two kinds of people that can be seen, a person who is a risk taker and a person who choose the easy way out. Here, a person who take risks is the one who truly show their devotion for the nation, an example of this is Antonio Luna and his men. They bravely risk their life buy fighting the American soldier until their bullets run out. Despite having a risk taker there will always a person who will choose an easy way out. These people are the one who only thinks for their own life and not considering others. An example of this is the businessman Felipe Buencamino who would rather choose to be an ally of the Americans because they think being with them means that their business will be safe because the Americans will not think ways that could bring down their business since they already earned their trust. It is a shame that these people still exist nowadays because they are being lead with the strong greed for money and power.

It is true that the American colonizer is not our biggest enemy but instead it is our co – Filipinos who have a strong ill desire for their own benefits. It is so ironic that most of our heroes didn’t died to the hands of the colonizer instead they actually died to hands of the people that they are protecting. These kind of people will do everything that they can so that no one will be able to block their wrong intentions even if it means to put the life of others to death. These people should not be look up to because they will bring no good to everyone instead they should be treated as a pest because they are a living cancer in society.

Sacrificing life is really dangerous especially that the opponents are known to be strong. But, I still don’t get it why some people, in the middle of the fight, are choosing to back down and continually move backward to escape the battlefield. For me this kind this is an act of a coward person because they weren’t able to end the war with the good fight. They wouldn’t even finish what they have started and choose to retreat when they think that things are not going out well. It is saddening because they not only failed the people around them but they also failed themselves as a soldier who devotedly oath to the mother land to retrieve the Her from the colonizers and to turn things to its right places.

The movie gives us an idea how Filipino soldiers were killed brutally. Some of them were shot multiple times and others receive the bomb that makes their head blow off. It really showed how these soldier are accepting what life are putting to them. They know what will happen to them if they continue these and yet they choose to continue fighting because they know to themselves that after winning these big fight will result to a big change to the life of their co – Filipinos. We should honor them more especially that we already have an idea how their life ended which is an awful one and I know most of the people wouldn’t want it to be their death scenario.

Heneral Luna wasn’t able to receive the same recognition as the other heroes but thanks to this movie because many people will now be able to know that there are really many people who are willing to cry the pain and shed blood just to have the freedom that were deprived to us. I am really thankful that historical movies like this are being produced because it will not only make us to know what really happened in the past but will also make us appreciate the sacrifices that they made just for us to have a better future. These people is the key why we attained the liberty, so us, as a Filipino citizen, should not put to waste the things that they have done to us instead we should continually grow the love to our country because this is our home, our motherland that needs to be protected always and forever.

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  1. I don't think running away in a war is seen as being a coward after all we are all human beings.it takes a lot or courage and motivation to be at the frontlines so I think we should be more compassionate to those who back down because if we were in their shoes we would have done the same.