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by - February 18, 2019

Gandiva Archery Center is one of the pioneer archery brands and the first premier archery range in the Philippines which was founded in 2007. Its goal is to promote the sport in the country by cultivating the archery skills and bringing out the inner archery potentials of every Filipinos. This center is a 380 square meter facility located at Sparta Compound, #126 Pioneer, Mandaluyong City. Equip with 12 lanes of 18 meters each, a diagnostics area, a lecture room, a viewing deck, and an armory.
Actually, this is my first time playing archery and I was so excited to play it because it is one of the coolest sport that I know. Upon entering the venue, I can already feel the vibes of the sport because the different equipment like the bows, arrows, and target papers are the one who welcomed us. This place is really perfect in playing archery because we have an enough space on our own and we can freely move without disturbing the other players. The ambiance is so great because it is well lit and air conditioned plus they have a music that contributes to our adrenaline rush. The trainers are so nice and friendly because they really guided us in every steps to make in order to achieve the correct stance and get all of the techniques so that we could aim the bull’s eye without compromising our safety.
They have different SERVICES:
RANGE RENTAL = 250 pesos per hour. You can add 40 pesos for each target paper and 350 pesos for coach assistance.
INTRODUCTORY RATE = 350 pesos per hour which is 1 hour all-inclusive archery trial.
ARCHERY LESSONS = 8,500 pesos
RANGE PASS = 3,000 pesos
And other armory services like arrow cutting, fletching, and recurve bow tuning.
You can visit their social media accounts toknow more about the services that they are offering. Gandiva FacebookGandiva InstagramGandiva Website
My friend and I availed the 1 Hour Unlimited Arrows in TravelBook PH for only 305 pesos which is cheaper than its actual cost. What I like in TravelBook PH is that it is very affordable and hassle-free online booking service that offers exclusive reward points and convenience through PAH payment scheme. For easier access, you can download their mobile app which is already available on App Store and Google Play.
Book now and experience archery through the BETTER, STRONGER, and BOLDER Gandiva Archery Center and unleash the better, stronger, and bolder archer in you! You can use my TravelBook PH friend code "3788."

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  1. Woukd really like to try archery!! It looks fun πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Nice! I've tried this too and it's super fun plus very affordable πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

  3. Wow. Nice experience dear 😍

  4. Woow! This looks so interesting!

  5. wow!! thank you for a very detailed blog about Gandiva Archery CenterπŸ’—

  6. Matagal ko na gustong itry yan. Looks so fun!

  7. Takot akoo mag archery talaga since bata pakoo, kaya im so proud of youu kasi you tried that alreadyy! 😭😍 pano ba maging brave tulad mo lol HAHHAA

  8. StrawberRy LuV πŸ“30 June 2019 at 02:40

    This is good for relieving your stress. I really wanted to try archery. Such a fan game.