Academe Portal School Expo (APSE)

by - May 15, 2019

WeBuff Solutions is a company that focuses on providing quality solutions for businesses and schools by automating their systems to maximize technology and productivity. With that, WeBuff Solutions announced on March 2019 the Academe Portal School Expo (APSE), the first of its kind in the Philippines. APSE will have two legs — one in the north of Manila that will happen in Ayala Malls Vertis North on May 18 to 19 and one in the southern part of the metro which will held in Evia Lifestyle Center on May 25 to 26.
The upcoming fair will focus on promoting the top-grade schools in the metro that caters the K-12 Program because the tertiary level is one of those who are being affected about the implementation of the Department of Education, resulting them to adjust to the new curriculum too. With these, WeBuff Solutions also adjusted to the new educational setting and made new programs to cater to the needs of every students, parents, and educators, based on the new curriculum. One of their top-of-the-line flagship programs is the Academe Portal that centralizes different school systems like online enrollment, Registrar system, and Accounting system.
WeBuff Solutions’ main objective for this event is to inform all of the parents regarding the new educational platform of the country and how the courses have shifted from traditional type to modern type when it comes in teaching the students. This event will also feature several highly esteemed people in the field of education to talk about various topics that they have encountered during the transition of the new educational curriculum.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions:
For more details about this event, you can visit WeBuff Solutions and Academe Portal School Expo.

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