Premier The Samgyupsal - Greenhills, San Juan City

by - September 30, 2019

Premier the Samgyupsal, a classic Korean barbecue grill, already have a branch in San Juan which is located at 229 Wilson, San Juan City, Metro Manila. Upon entering the restaurant the first thing that I thought is that it is too small but when I saw a stairs leading to second floor then I realized that is a 2 – story restaurant.  The first floor is not big as compared with the second floor since half of the first floor is being occupied as a waiting area outside. The restaurant is perfect for family and barkadas since it is spacious and a single table can already occupy by 4 – 6 persons, 2 – 3 persons in a single big, comfortable, and fluffy couch. 
Premier the Samgyupsal offers Unlimited Shabu – Shabu, Unlimited Pork or Chicken, and Unlimited Mix of Pork and Chicken with a minimum of 2 orders each. However, they do not served shabu – shabu and Korean BBQ at the same time since the table has only one griller. But if you really want to have both, your group must be big in order to occupy a two table – one for shabu – shabu area and the second one is for Korean BBQ.  For me, I think you will be uncomfortable availing an unlimited shabu – shabu and Korean BBQ at the same time because you will exert an extra workload for passing the food from one table to another for sharing since the table is already in place and it is not movable.

Unlimited Shabu – Shabu500 PHP (Promo) per head and 580 PHP (Regular) per head

Unlimited Pork (All kinds)450 PHP (Promo) per head and 500 PHP (Regular) per head

Unlimited Chicken450 PHP (Promo) per head and 500 PHP (Regular) per head

Unlimited Mix of Pork and Chicken (All kinds)500 PHP (Promo) per head and 580 PHP (Regular) per head

Unlimited Shabu – Shabu and BBQ780 PHP (All Day)

* Half price only for Unlimited BBQ to children between 3 to 7 years old
* Senior Citizen and PWD Discount is applicable for Regular price only
* Promo runs every 10 AM – 4 PM
* Left over foods and take out is not allowed
* No service charge or VAT included
This restaurant is known for many side dishes, ranging from 15-25 side dishes, be it a Korean side dish or Filipino side dish. Some of their side dishes are sweet peanut, salad, fish cake, potato balls, kimchi, lettuce, steamed egg, spicy radish, unlimited cheese, dilis, and etc. But they are only serving 15 side dishes per day and it is different everyday so that the regular customers will not lose their appetite if they plan to keep on coming back.
If the shabu – shabu and BBQ is not enough for you, they also offer Ala Carte with corresponding prices. Here is the picture of the menu of different Ala carte meal.
 They also offer a wide variety of drinks from water, juices, softdrinks, beer, and soju. They also have a lot of ice creams to choose from.
And one of the things that I really like about this restaurant is their socket and button in every table since this is my first encountering a Korean BBQ Place with it. If your phone or gadgets is dead batt, you can charge it there for free. And if you need an assistance like ordering, refilling, or paying, you don’t have to raise your hands or shout because you just only need to press the button and the staffs will happily address your needs. 
Overall, my experience here in Premier the Samgyupsal is satisfying. The food taste so delicious and they evenly marinated all the meats. The side dishes are too overwhelming that is why I didn’t get to eat all of it but, hey! The side dishes that I got to taste are good too! The place is clean and their air-conditioned is fully blast that is why you will not get sweaty after eating though you will only smell like BBQ. Truly! Quality Never Be Compromised! PtheSam

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