Lucy - Movie Reaction (Science and Technology)

by - June 14, 2020

Lucy is a 2014 French – American high – concept science fiction action film that is written and directed by Luc Besson and was produced by his wife Virginie Besson – Silla. This film is all about a woman who suddenly forced to work as a drug mule that eventually develops an extraordinary mental and paranormal abilities after a packet of newly developed synthetic drug called CPH4 was inserted and breaks inside her body. This film portrays how technological advancement can bring a positive and negative impact in our lives.

Because of science and technology, people can make a drug that can be useful or can bring destructive effect to the people. In this movie, the creation of the CPH4 did not bring good effects because when this drug was inhaled, the person become high, crazy, and didn’t give a care on how dangerous his surrounding is.  Lucy was being inserted of this drug to her abdomen and eventually breaks inside of her body since she was beaten up by one of the thugs that is caging her. As a result, she was able to access more and more of her cerebral capacity, in which for me is very scary because she was able to gain superhuman abilities that a real human being cannot have like speed reading, photographic memory, encyclopedic knowledge, learning a foreign language in an hour, and psychic abilities like telekinesis. This type of happenings can be destructive because there will come to a point where she will cannot control what she is doing and just simply going in and out of her head that sometimes can make her crazy especially if it’s her first time encountering this kind of abilities. It is also dangerous on the part of the person who is encountering her because you don’t know the capacity of her ability. You might feel that you are not safe because she is capable enough to hurt you and because they are already a product of science and technology, it is almost impossible to hurt them back since they are already immune or used with the pain.

On the other hand, science and technology is helpful because it helps us to search, communicate, and travel on a hassle free. In this movie, it showed that you can search the things that you want to find and you will instantly get the details of the things that you are looking for. Just like when Lucy uses her friend’s computer, she was able to find right away an information about Samuel Norman, a scientist that could help her save from her problem. With the science and technology, she was able to contact him through different kind of devices like telephone, cellphone, television, radio, laptop, and others. Also she was able to phone Pierre Del Rio, a local police captain that helped her to find and capture the remaining three people who received drugs to their abdomen. And also, because of the advancement, it is possible now to go to a far places because of the development of airplanes.

Science and technology is still advancing because many researchers and scientist want to test the extent of these two. You can experience its positivity or negativity base on the way how you handle it. It is actually on the lies on the people hands on how it will bring an impact to their lives. But many people are hoping that science and technology will be use on a good purpose so that problems will not arise that could eventually lead to problems that can be experienced by the whole world.

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