Lifelong Learning in Nursing

by - May 27, 2021

Receiving a diploma as proof that you graduate from a degree program does not mean that you are now free from learning because learning never stops as it is a lifelong process. In healthcare, learning must be continuous because techniques, policies, and procedures are always updating in order to improve the quality of service that they will provide to their clients. Therefore, nurses are expected to practice lifelong learning because what they will learn will reflect the type of care that they will show to their clients.

According to Kroning, M. (2016), nursing provides an opportunity to learn because nurses will be able to learn information about emerging medications, diagnostic procedures, and technologies. Learning this kind of information will make the nurse to provide competent, safe, and compassionate care to their clients. In learning, nurses will be able to share what they have learned therefore their clients will be educated about their disease and illnesses which will help them to take care of themselves better than before. Senyuva and Çalışkan (2014), cited that nurses adopt lifelong learning to be able to deal with the changes and developments occurring in the healthcare system and in science and technology. Lifelong learning is learning to learn as it would affect and transform the lives of the nurses. One should know how to learn in order to learn because it will open you to a lot of opportunities may it be in your interests, needs, education, or profession. Qanbari, Khaghanizadeh, and Ebadi (2017) shared different strategies to achieve lifelong learning in nursing and these are intellectual and practical independence learning, collaborative learning, researcher thinking, persistence in learning, need-base learning, learning management, suitable learning environment, and inclusive growth. Nurses should practice these skills in order to achieve lifelong learning because it will increase their professional competency and improve nursing care outcomes.

Some people may tell that they have not learned anything despite them studying and the only solution for that is to seek and be open to learning. People should control themselves to learn because sometimes yourself is the one who tells you not to understand and accept the learnings being given to you. Everybody should have the habit of learning because it will be beneficial in whatever the situation may be. Just like with the current COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are expected to be knowledgeable enough about the new disease because many clients are relying on their capabilities to achieve better health. A nurse who does not learn only impose a big risk on the life of their clients because a lack of knowledge will only lead to failures.

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