Unity Camp 2016

by - May 08, 2016

Last February, our school held the 3rd CAT-COCC BSP AND GSP Unity Camp in Camp Capinpin, Tanay Rizal. It is a 3 days and 2 nights camp (February 19-21, 2016). I was really happy because this is my second time in joining the Unity Camp and hopefully this is not the last. These are the things that I remembered during my whole stay there.
Day 1 (02.19.16)
               In the morning, our first activity is to get to know each other. Since we came from different organizations and different grade levels expect that there will be a getting to know stage and gladly I was able to know some of them and I enjoyed there company so much. They introduced the different officers that will guide us during our whole stay in the Camp. The camp doctor and nurse held a seminar on how we will going to handle our situation if there will be such accident. In the afternoon, some coordinators make different activities for us and they will relate it on how to become a good leader. “A good leader knows how to listen and accept the opinion of each member.” And lastly, before we sleep, we had a camp fire. Since it is a soldier camp we were not allowed to have a bonfire instead we used a candle and serve it as our light while the different groups are performing the given task to them.
Day 2 (02.20.16)
               This is the most exciting part of our stay there because we spend our whole day in visiting the museums and do the different physical activities. We were able to experience the trainings that were done by the soldiers. But the sad thing, for me, I wasn’t able to try the rope thing, where you will go to the other side of the river using the rope as a bridge. There is no harness that will prevent you from falling, instead you will only wear a life jacket that will help you float if ever you’ll fall on the river and the good thing is that there is a customize boat, made of plastic and woods, that is waiting for you down there. We celebrate our last night there by having a pageant between the different organizations and I am very happy about the result because we got the title of 2nd Runner Up and Ms. Unity Camp 2016. Big thanks to my members who help in making the recycle costumes of our representatives.
Day 3 (02.21.16)
               Our last day in Camp Capinpin has finally come and I am so sad because I was not ready yet to let go that lovely place. Before we left it, the soldiers made an awesome special number for us. They have this band and they play some of the famous music for us with different positions, like they will fall a line to form a letter so we will know what they want to convey to us. They show us the different tactics that they often use every time they have an enemy. They present us the different ripples that they are using and they also fire it. And I was able to assemble and disassemble the M16 ripple.
I was only able to take few pictures because our mobile devices were confiscated during the activities. The place is very stunning right? How about you? Where you able to join a camping? How was it?

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