by - December 30, 2016

It was the first quarter of 2016 when my Sister need to watch a play in Aliw Theater in Pasay. My Dad volunteered to accompany my Sister in the venue and I, as always bored in our house, decided to go with them. When we already drop our sister, my Dad ask me where I want to go because it’s still early and we have a lot of time to spend. I ask my dad to go to World Trade Center because there’s a bazaar happening out there but along the way I changed my mind because my Dad is not a kind of person who will wait patiently to me in buying the things that I want. So I asked my Dad what are the beautiful spots that can be visited between Pasay City and Metro Manila, since we’re in Roxas Boulevard that time. He said, “Let’s visit you Sister’s place,” which he’s referring is my Sister’s school in Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) then I agreed because I haven’t went there. 

We parked our car in front of LPU then stroll around at the top of the walls. By the way, in front of LPU or at the bottom of the walls is a horse barn during the Spanish time. 

Lyceum of the Philippines University
Mapua Institue of Technology
This is the upper part of the walls. You can see connons there.
After checking the place we went down and we decided to stroll the whole Intramuros. My dad rented a kalesa for only 350 pesos so we can feel the feeling during the Spanish period. In kalesa there is only the five of us. Me, my Dad, Xander, and the other 2 is the one who controls the horse and the one who serves as our photographer. The men are very friendly and during our whole trip they discuss the things that we didn’t heard from our history teachers. They are nice to be with because you will learn a lot of things. 

Intramuros is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, Philippines. It is also called the "Walled City." Construction of the defensive walls was to protect the city from foreign invasions. It was heavily damaged during the battle to recapture the city from the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. Reconstruction of the walls was started in 1951 when Intramuros was declared National Historical Monument, which is continued to this day by the Intramuros Administration (IA). The Global Heritage Fund identified Intramuros as one of the 12 worldwide sites "on the verge" of irreparable loss and destruction on its 2010.

Manila Cathedral
Palacio Del Gobernador
Ayuntamiento de Manila
Kaisa Angelo King Heritage Center
Casa Manila
Barbara's Casa Manila
The walls are full of bullet holes
Golf Club
Cuartel de Santa Lucia
Fort Santiago
I haven't included pictures in Memorare Manila, San Agustin Church, Victoria Street, and Galeria de los Presedentes dela Republica Pilipina because all of my pictures in that place is included my face. LOL

Visit this link for more photos: Intramuros

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