by - January 29, 2017

I just want to congratulate my brother, Mark Anthony D. Loresca, and my cousin, Sarah Loresca, for passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers’ (LET). You guys are already a professional licensed teacher. Congrats!! As promised, we went to Tagaytay City to celebrate their achievement. We always passed by in Tagaytay but never stroll it so I was excited to look forward the things and places that we’re going to visit.
My Dad don’t know where the attractions are but thanks to Waze App, a navigation app, we successfully located it. Our first stop is in Mahagony Market. Its first floor is a market where you can buy raw foods and the second floor is like a food court and their specialty is Bulalo. Second is in Puzzle Mansion, a museum where you can find different puzzle collection (I posted a blog about it). Third is in People’s View Park. The entrance fee is only 30.00 php. You will enjoy the cold and fresh air of Tagaytay. If you’re already on the top of People’s View Park, you will see the whole city and sometimes it becomes 0 visibility, all you can see is fogs which I enjoy the most. There is also a little market there where you can buy souvenirs.  Our fourth stop is in Picnic Grove. We didn’t enjoy much there because the rain started to pour which made us sad because we think that we only paid our entrance fee and parking fee. So we leave the place right away and decided to come back again. We ate our lunch in Jollibee because my little cousin want to eat there. 
Our last destination is in Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch is very popular in Tagaytay because of its cool rides. I enjoyed the rides there especially the Sky Eye where you can see the whole city and of course the Taal Volcano. I think it is better to visit Sky Ranch in the afternoon because the place is not that crowded. 
We have so many places to visit but there is an emergency in Manila where my Dad is needed the most so we don’t have any choice but to cut our trip. Since it is still late in the afternoon and we have so much time, my Dad drop us off in Light Mall. We ended our day eating in Savory, a Filipino-Chinese Restaurant, and watched Vice Ganda’s movie, The Super Parental Guardians.

Overall, we had an amazing yet tiring day. Even though there is sudden event we still enjoy it. My parents promised that we will come back again in Tagatay to continue our belated trip.

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  1. Tagaytay is one of the best place to unwind❤️