Balai Ising Garden Resort

by - December 31, 2016

We usually use our car to go to Batangas but last October 31, 2016 we didn’t use it instead we, my Sister and I just commuted because my Dad won’t be able to accompany us. It is a little bit nervous yet exciting because we didn’t know the place where we will drop off but thanks to Waze, a navigation app, we made it successfully and safely.
My relatives on my Father side decided to have a mini outing in Balai Ising Garden Resort in Putingkahoy, Rosario, Batangas. It is easy to find because it is just along the provincial road. It is a garden resort where one can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings far from the noise of the city, swim to heart’s content or just laze around. The prices are very affordable. Their entrance fee that ranges only from 100php to 150 php. Their cottages from 500php to 3,000php. They have rooms if you want to have a more relaxing place to stay with. They also accommodate party or events because they have a big hall that can occupy a huge crowd. The resort have 2 swimming pools and 1 waterpark. And kids can wonder around because they have a statue of different cartoon characters that they will surely love.
Visit their website for more information: Balai Ising Garden Resort

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  1. Nikki Bonifacio18 April 2019 at 22:43

    I want to go! Wow!

  2. I've heard there are many nice resorts in Batangas! I so wanna go. This one is a nice place 👍💓

  3. Nice blog babe! Wishing I can go here soon.

  4. Ang ganda naman dyan! Looks so relaxing.

  5. this is a great summer getaway

  6. Good place, been hearing so kuch about this resort❤️