Luneta Park and Steel Asia

by - February 04, 2017

Every year we’re having an educational tour in different places here in Luzon. For our Grade 11 trip, since I belong to track Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), our school decided to go to the upper part of Luzon. Basically somewhere in Bulacan and Pampanga. Our first stop is in Rizal Park. I know it’s very weird for us to visit that place because we always go there with our family and friends, but we let it pass since we’re studying in JRU and maybe because it’s traditional to our school. Like our first location should be somewhere in Manila, second to a museum, then the last is a place where we will exert much effort because of different physical activities that they prepare for us. We did not stay much in Rizal Park. In fact, we only stayed there for about 10 minutes to take pictures in the statue for our project purposes because our second location is very strict with the time, it’s quite far, and we can’t predict how heavy the traffic is. Good thing we made it on time.
Our second location is in Steel Asia. It is one of the biggest manufacturing of rebars here in Philippines. They have so many branches here in the Philippines. Just like in Meycauyan Bulacan City, where we visit, Calaca, Carcar, Davao, CDO, Plaridel, and Cebu. They play a big role in our national development because nearly one out of every two steel bars installed in construction are manufactured by them. An estimated 80% of the rebar needed for land, air, sea, power, and communications infrastructure are supplied by Steel Asia. And it is the most preferred supplier of the largest contractors and property developers in the Philippines because of its low cost but a very high quality of steel bars and precision and on time delivery of the products to their customer.
When we visit the factory, the workers are very friendly. They are very attentive to our questions and answered it with all honesty. They are so caring because they keep on reminding us the rules and regulations in there factory so we will not be in any kind of accident. Luckily, none of us got hurt. Our tour inside the factory is quite fast and we didn’t able to catch the process of making steel bars because when we visit it, the machines are under maintenance. I wish that we got the chance to see the exact process of making steel bars because I will be definitely amaze on how they produce it.  Though, we didn’t able to see the process though we were able to witness how they test the quality of their products. As a student, I think it’s quite hard because of the weights, graphs, and elements that they always pay attention in assuring the best quality of steel bars. But I think, for sure, that if I study engineering it will be easy for me to understand it and I will be already use to it if I am already working.
I don’t have photos inside the factory because we’re not allowed to take pictures.

And our last destination is in Sandbox. Visit this link: SandBox 

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