by - February 11, 2017

Our third destination during our educational tour (2016-2017) was in SandBox which is located at Alviera Subdivision, Sapang UWAK Rd, Porac, Pampanga. I’ve been there when I was in Grade 9 because that was our last location too when we had an educational tour. I don’t know what’s happening to my school to the point that they allow the EC Minds Tour to repeat our destination. I remember when I was in elementary our educational tour was called outbound, Lakbay Kalikasan’s term, because we really visit to different mountains and falls just to experience the beauty of what mother nature give to us. Due to some shocking news spreading about students getting to different accidents, our school transfer from Lakbay Kalikasan to EC Minds Tour. I miss Lakbay Kalikasan! Going back, SandBox is a unique getaway for families that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to Mini Golf for the grandparents. They also have a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains.
Sandbox has so many rides like: Giant Swing, it is the country’s tallest swing and it creates the back and forth movement at 10-meter above the ground; Aerial Walk Challenge, a high rope adventure course of nets and rope walkways. It test each users’ agility, balance, and flexibility; Avatar One, the Philippines' first roller coaster zipline. It zips down 180-meter length course and zigzags along starting from 12 meters high; Adventure Tower, a 5-storey structure that consists of various activities such as rappelling, wall climbing, free fall, roller coaster zip line, and the view deck; ATV and UTV rides, have a thrilling ride that passes through the Pasig-Potrero river to give you that exhilarating outdoor experience and; Outdoor Archery, a fun activity with the bow and arrow in an outdoor range perfect for newbie archers for kids and adults.
Visit their website for more information, like the rates, and pictures of the place: SandBox
More pictures of our educational tour here: STEM-A

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