Amana Waterpark Part II

by - May 28, 2017

If you haven’t read the first part if this blog, kindly read it first. Here’s the link: Amana Waterpark Part I

Amana Waterpark is a very eco-friendly place. There are tress all over the place and every in cottages there is a trash bin. You cannot see any liter and the personnel are all over the place. You can ask them nicely and they will assist you whole heartedly. There is a DJ booth in front of the wave pool, they operate the music. To tell you, the music is very timely and I bet the teenagers will enjoy it. If someone from your family, friends, or loved ones are celebrating their birthdays you can go to the DJ booth and ask them to greet them so that the guests or even the celebrants will hear it.  This is a very friendly place because of their many different life-size characters that are scattered all over the resort that children will immensely enjoy. These life-size characters are made of rocks and it surely cost a lot of money and the maybe the time period in building this resort is very long.

Incredible Hulk that will lead you to the second entrance
Justice League
Bumble Bee that stands 22ft. high
Vigan feels
Minion World
Jurassic Park 
Amana Waterpark biggest hit is their 3500-square meter wave pool. It is the largest and biggest wave pool in Bulacan, which it markets as “tsunami waves.” It offers 13 different magnificent gigantic kinds of waves. This wave pool technology can whip up 7 to 8 feet of waves, and this attraction is available to tourists from 10 AM to noon and from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This resort have 13 different kinds of pool and this pool are between 2ft. high for the kids to 6ft. high for the adults. They even have a 40-foot-man-made waterfall but I didn’t have the chance to see it.

Wave Pool
Avatar Pool
Kiddie Pool
Infinity Pool
Batman Pool
Twin Pool
Batanes Pool
Adult Pool
Interactive Pool
Jurassic Pool
Castle Pool (There's a pool inside)
You notice there's a rope on the top of the castle and that is for the zipline. They also offer a Zipline that adds more to your exciting and thrilling adventure. It gives you the breathtaking view of the whole resort. 

Google declared that Amana Waterpark is 2nd Fastest-rising summer destination of the Philippines. It caters all the customer's a total fun and enjoyment with its best amenities, world class services, with distinctly Filipino hospitality of course, comfort and convenience for a reasonable cost. It’s surely worth paying for.
Watch this video to see what it feels like in the wave pool!

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