Amana Waterpark Part I

by - May 25, 2017

After a long time of deciding where to go for summer vacation, finally we choose Amana Waterpark located in Pandi, Bulacan. The first thing that you will see before entering the resort is the signage “I Love Amana” together with the Kung Fu Panda characters. Their entrance gate is inspired of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In front of the entrance gate, there are many different small stores. They sell rash guards, googles, snorkel, waterproof cellphone cases, and floaties in a very affordable price. There are two entrance. The first entrance is the cashier and reservation area. There is a big space where you can park your vehicles, you can take pictures first and pay for your bills while waiting for 7:00 AM. When we got inside the first entrance, the first thing that I noticed is the Amana Waterpark Globe inspired of Universal Studios Globe. It is so cool even though it’s kind of small. No need to question what are the entrance fees and cottage fees because they have a big tarpaulin of that beside the cashier area. Everything is so affordable and the personnel that assisted us is very friendly. The place is kinda big but you will not lost because every location there is a map and through that you will know what are the places that you didn’t visit yet during your whole stay. The resort opens at 7:00 AM and when the time strikes, you can now go to the second entrance where you can finally see the whole resort.

"I LOVE AMANA” signage outside the resort
First Entrance
Amana Waterpark Globe
Entrance Rates
Resort Map
Second Entrance
What is good about this place is that you will know what it looks like to a certain place because of their theme cottages. From Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao, you will know the feeling of being in a certain place especially if you don’t have the time or money to travel that long. Their cottages are Boracay, Tagatay, Baler, Gazebo, Apayao, Camiguin, Subic, and Calatagan. Their rooms are also inspired from the famous tourist attraction here in the Philippines. These are the Bohol room, Vigan room, View Deck room, Batanes room, Batanes dorm, and Baguio villa, the only room that has a free internet connection.

Cottage Rates
I'm not sure if it's Tagaytay or Apayao
Batanes Room
Baguio Villa
Executive Room
We’re planning to rent the Baguio Villa because of the free internet connection but sad to say the place is reserved already to other guests so we end up renting the Vigan room instead. It can accommodate 10 -12 persons during day light and it can only accommodate 2 – 4 persons if you’re planning to stay overnight. In the first floor there is a terrace with a round table where you can put your foods and it surrounds a chairs. And there is also a sink and bathroom. When you went up to the second floor you will see a room with 2 beds, one queen size bed and one single bed. A television, air conditioned, and drawers. They also provide a free tissue and 2 toothbrush if you forgot to bring yours.

Vigan Room
There are a lot of stores where you can buy different kinds of foods.
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