SM Style Series x Blogger Besties

by - May 24, 2017

Last April 29, 2017, I was given the chance to see some of the Blogger Besties for the first time. All thanks to SM Makati! #SMStyleSeries theme is #LoveYourSummerStyle and every week they have a guest which is very influential to everyone when it comes to styling. For that week the guest are Lauren UyKriz Uy, and Nicole Andersson. They gave us some of the important tips on how to make every #OOTD worthy.  I went there together with my brother because I didn’t know how to go there and my parents won’t allow me if I go there alone because Hey! I’m only 17. Hahaha! So going back, the said event is free so we decided to go there earlier than the said time, maybe 30 minutes before the event and we are lucky enough that there are still chairs available for us though unfortunately we’re kind of apart from each other. The #BloggerJowas are also present to support their girlfriends and of course to take over their social media accounts while they are having a speech.
In choosing for a perfect outfit, make sure your outfit is match to the place and the weather of that place, so you better do some research first if necessary. Try to play with the textures and don’t be scared in getting out of your comfort zone. In taking pictures you should consider the lighting, location, your angles, composition, and confidence. We all know that the perfect lighting is the natural light so it is better to take pictures when the sun is there. Take into consideration the shadows so it won’t mess the shots. Try to find a good location for your outfit and have some angles. All of us have angles, so if you don’t know your angles yet, try taking selfies with different angles, in that you will know what angle is good for you. When you already know your angle don’t forget to use it so you will become fabulous in your pictures. When you’re making a flatlay make sure you have a composition. You should have a nice background, for example a bed, beach towels, wooden tables, floor tiles and others. After that, combine and arrange the things perfectly. In every pose, you should be confident. Don’t mind the others and rock the outfit. You decide to wear it so flaunt it.
After taking pictures, now it’s time to edit. Blogger Besties gave us 5 apps that they commonly used and these are VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Factune, and Un Um. VSCO is used to add filters. It provides us a lot of filters but some of this are not free. Snapseed is for adjusting some basics tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth. Afterlight is a paid app that cost 43.36php, it is used to play the lightings in the pictures. Factune is also a paid app that cost 15php and it used to sharpen some a certain things that you want to emphasize. And Un Um is used for scheduling and arranging your photos to achieve that feed theme goals.
After their talk they had a little games. First, the audience should post any kind of things, whether the set-up, the audience, or the bloggers in their Instagram account. The besties will pick a winner that they think is the best photo and the winner will receive a 10,000 gift certificate from SM Makati. Next is the styling game. Where they picked a confident people and the chosen people will style their selves using the clothes and accessories that were displayed in the event. And last, Blogger Besties picked the best dressed among the audience.
Overall, the event is fun and you will learn a lot of things. Worth the time!

More pictures here: SM Style Series x Blogger Besties

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