How To Plan Your Pre-debut Shoot

by - December 30, 2017

Pre-debut shoots is now very timely today. There is no day that I won’t be seeing videos or pictures of girls who had their shoots in different locations with their jaw dropping attire in my Facebook timeline. For this blog, I will be sharing some tips on how to plan your pre-debut shoots base on my personal experience.
First, you will be needing a photographer and/or videographer. If you know someone personally, either a friend of yours or a family friend that will be nice because you can get it in a cheaper price. But if you can hire a professional photographer and/or videographer that will be great because you will expect a really nice outcome. The usual price range is 20,000 - 50,000 and they will also serve as your photographer and/or videographer on the day of your event. There are a lot of company in Facebook that has that kind of business and you can also see their example pictures and videos on their page.
Second, you will be needing a location. In choosing a location, you should not just look on how picturesque the view is, though some prefer to have their pre-debut shoot in a studio, but also put in a consideration the facilities that you will be needing. Dressing room is very important because you will be needing it to change your clothes. Some doesn’t have a dressing room that’s why they are forced to change in a public restroom. You will be needing also an airconditioned make-up room because it is not very comfortable to put a make-up under the heat of sunlight. Some locations have a props that you can use for free but this is only a bonus for the debutant since some can survive without using the props that they offer.
Third, a good make-up artist. Make sure that this make-up artist really know his/her work because the magic will be from their hands. Their hands can make you ugly or beautiful so better find a good one so you can turn out the way how you wanted to.
Fourth, the dresses that you will use. Is it better to have different sets of clothes – a formal dress like a ball gown or a long gown, a semi-formal dress, and a casual dress. Why? Because you will spending a lot of money for this day then why would you only wear one clothes right? Don’t forget to bring a sandals or shoes and accessories that would finish your look.
Lastly, enjoy the shoot. Be friendly with staffs that you hired so there will be no conflicts between you and them. Be bright and shine them using your smiles so that you can inspire them to work hard so that everything will run smoothly and accordingly base on your likings.
How about you? What is your experienced during your shoot? Share it down below and if there is something that I forgot and something that you would like to add, comment it down below so others can see it too. 

Ball Gown – Mclyun Gown

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