Symply G: Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

by - January 01, 2018

Some envy me because I have the assets that they don’t have and that is my hair. Most of the people that I met always compliment how beautiful my hair is because of its curly and shiny hair. I always take good care of my hair because this is the only thing that makes me confident. With the help of this I can go out of my comfort zone and do things that I never imagined that I will do.

In my entire life, I never think of re-bonding my hair because of the chemicals though I try to coloring my hair, which is very seldom, to have that nice effect on my hair. I like my hair long because it will emphasize the nice waves but I make sure to trim it every other month to get rid the split-ends. I always wash my hair everyday because I am not comfortable without washing it and it gives me refreshing feels everytime I wash it using my favorite brand. After washing my hair, I let it air dry. I don’t use hair dryer because it will only damage my hair.

The brand that helps me to boost my inner self is Simply G which offers two kinds of product a Keratin Shampoo and Keratin Conditioner.
The Keratin Shampoo helps me to clean my chemically treated hair because I colored it without lifting the color from the strands. It has an argan oil that remove the dirt and oil, it gives my hair the maximum moisture that I need, and it makes my hair exceptionally soft and smooth.
And for better result, I use their conditioner for deep conditioning therapy. It is specially made for people wants to re-hydrate their dry hair (like me), who have damaged hair, and sensitive scalp. This conditioner is competent to penetrate deeply within the strands to deliver nutrient-rich solution while protecting the cuticle layer of the hair within 1 minute because of the presence of the argan oil. When you use this conditioner your hair will be more silky and supple.
This product comes with two different sizes – 22ml sachets perfect for traveling for only 6 PHP and 200ml bottles that is perfect for everyday personal use for only 83 PHP. Grab yours now in Puregold branches, local supermarkets, and sari-sari stores nationwide.

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