by - May 19, 2018

My love section show that I really want practical activities because doing things using my own hands can help me learn than memorizing terms and solving equations. I know its lazy thing to hear but it’s me. Now, for this blog, I will now share you the 4 activities or projects that makes me hate studying STEM. Thought this is not only limited to STEM because it also applies to other strand and tracks.

During my two years of being a STEM student, I always encounter so many equations to calculate. I have General Mathematics, Solid Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Basic Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics 1, and Physics 2 subjects. I used to love computing because it gives me the satisfaction everytime I solved it. But as time passes by, I encountered not only simple but also complex equations that needs to be critically analyze in order to get the correct answer. Now, I sometimes enjoyed solving them if the teacher is great and good but if not, I start to hate it. The subject is a little bit difficult and what it makes it more difficult for me is that some of our teachers don’t teach well and sometimes they don’t know what they are teaching to us. Whose mind will still be sane after right? Good thing I have friends whose good in this field that help me to survive these subjects. Though the best key here is to self-study.

With this strand there are so many things to memorize or learn (whichever the two you do) and that are the formulas and terms. As I have just said that there are so many calculations, so expect that there are so many formulas to memorize. During my junior high school days, one of my teacher said that you don’t need to memorize the formulas because what they test is how you solve the problem not on memorizing the formulas. I always keep that in mind and hate the teachers who makes us memorize the formulas. Also, there are so many terms that I need to memorize because most of the test is not practical but more on concepts that we really need to learn. Memorizing all the terms but only ¼ of it appears on the test, how sad right?

The immersion program is very short. This makes me really jealous to other strands because they really practice their field, like going to a fast food chain to serve, working in a company to do their task in their assigned field, attending an educational outbound to tour other students, and such. Unlike us, what we only did is to attend seminars and tour our future workplace. We didn’t even experience working in the field, which is I understand because we don’t have the knowledge and capabilities to do so. But still!!

Your school year will not be complete if you didn’t do research. As for me, I did 5 research during my whole stay in senior high school. The Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Physics project, Elective, and Immersion. I don’t know why I don’t love doing this maybe because I’m too lazy to find significant thoughts and ideas especially that some of our research is not common. Good thing these activity is not an individual task ‘cause if its, then I’ll be doom! Thank you to my groupmates, because you guys just save my life.

The hate section is the reality that I need to embrace. The field I choose, which is Nursing, involves a lot of terms, researches, and some solving. So with these, it will help me how to fight the battle properly because the activities that I did will serve as a practice that I need when I already face my college life. K-12 is really a big help to students like us because we already have the overview of what to expect in the future.

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