Fun Day in Enchanted Kingdom

by - April 24, 2018

Enchanted Kingdom is one of the famous amusement park here in the Philippines and it is located at San Lorenzo Rd, Santa Rosa Laguna. With the thrilling rides, beautiful landscapes, and instagrammable places, everyone will surely want to visit it again and again. Their tagline, “The Magic Lives Forever,” is really suitable to them because our coolness façade will eventually disappear the moment we will see and ride the rides that they have. We will unconsciously release our childish self without us knowing it which is good because we have to unleash the tension that is slowly building up inside our body with various reasons that only us know.
Enchanted Kingdom is a large area with a lot of rides that you will surely enjoy. This place is open for everyone because they have rides for kids, teens, and adults. As for me, I got to do extreme rides and I’m so proud of myself because I rode it without fear. 
Agila The EKsperience is their new tourist attraction and it is the first and only flying theater here in the country. This is one of my favorite ride because of the hunting of element concept that they have. With this, I was able to visit some of the beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines visually. With the big screen, movable chairs, and the water effects, it makes everything look realistic. 
You can see booths everywhere that will show your competitive side in order to get the amazing prizes that they prepared for their customers. They also have mini concert hall inside the food court to entertain customers that are taking a short break from all of the rides. They have prepared firework displays around 8:00 PM that will make us stop doing what we are doing. And before the day ends, they leaves us one play in front of the entrance gate. The characters are dancing along with the music and afterwards guests can take a picture with them.
For those who are planning to go in Enchanted Kingdom, I’ll leave some tips so that you can really enjoy your whole day in the park:
              1. Go early in order to save spot in the parking lot and to experience all the rides.
             2. Wear comfortable clothes so that you can do anything you want without feeling hassle. Bring extra shirts, shorts, and shoes or slippers because you will get wet in some of their rides.
             3. Bring packed food and water because the food that they are selling inside are expensive and bring medicine incase something will happen.
               4. Charge your smartphones and camera because there are so many aesthetic spots inside the area that are Instagram worthy.
             5. Get a map in the entrance gate so that you will know where the rides are located and by using it also, you will have an idea what are the rides that you already took and not.
               6. To avoid the long queues, it is better to ride first the rides that you think many people will visit and visit the less visitor ride afterwards. Or better to visit Enchanted Kingdom during Weekdays because when we visited it, it was Weekday and a holiday also. We didn’t ever experience long lines and sometimes we are the only one riding the rides.
           7. Check the park schedules first in order to avoid problems. Sometimes they are closed because some company rented it or because it is holiday.
              8. Bring extra money if you want to buy some of their cute souvenir products and pictures that their photographer took before and during the rides. And also some of the rides like Fun Kart, The Ghostbusters Adventure Live, Laser Mission, XPP Paintball, Bouncing Boulder, Boulderville Kiddie Boats, and 7D Interactive Motion Theater have separate admission fee so it is better to prepare if you want to experience that also. Check ticket rates of the park to see all the price details.
           9. Check their promos for discounts because honestly speaking, the original rates are a bit pricey.
             10. As much as possible ride all the rides so the money you spent is worth it. Enjoy the day because we don’t know when we will come back there again. 

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  1. Love EK so much and we (friends) often go here like weekly during our teenage yrs 🤗

  2. Favorite ko yung flying fiesta!

  3. I remember entering the gates of EK for the first time I was about 8 years old. I didn't even sleep the entire night because of the anticipation and excitement but that was 1998. Man I feel old.

  4. Looks super nice nakapinta din ako dyan :)

  5. Yeah! Gusto ko na bumalik ng EK

  6. It’s been a while since I went to enchanted 💖

  7. Nikki Bonifacio18 April 2019 at 21:13

    Miss ko ng bumalik dyan :(

  8. One of the happiest place on earth!