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by - July 11, 2019

We are being exposed in a lot of stressors today like pollution, traffic, heavy workload, unpleasant notions brought by the technological advancement and many more! That’s why keeping a healthy lifestyle can be difficult nowadays because things are piling up and you don’t know where to start. This kind of happenings may lead to psychological problems like stress, anxiety, restlessness, and sometimes resorting to unhealthy habits where we don’t take care of ourselves anymore as well as others. 
Of course, we won’t let ourselves to be affected by these stressors that’s why as much as possible we make an effort to practice a better lifestyles than before. Today, we are now learning that it is better to be healthy to be ready everyday thus we are now leaning towards healthier choices in what we eat, ingest, and use in our body because it is better to be picky than to be sorry in the future. 
This 2019, WATSONS keeps on inspiring us to pursue a life of health and well – being by offering us a wide range of vitamins and supplements as well as natural bath and oral care products. In my case, I drink Vitamin C called Poten-Cee and a drink supplement named Acai which is readily available in your nearest Watsons store. 
🌧😷🤧 That's why I always make sure to drink a Vitamin every night after I eat my dinner. Good thing @watsonsph have my Physician's prescribed Vitamin C -- Potencee, I can now combat myself from viruses. 💪🏼 Let's be #BeHealthyInsidAndOut in order to #LookGoodFeelGreat ✨✨#WatsonsPH
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😭😭 Good thing I discovered a new juice drink supplement from @watsonsph I can #BeHealthyInsideAndOut Talk about me wanting to #LookGoodFeelGreat ✨✨ #WatsonsPH
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I gotta say I feel way better than before because even if I have pile things to do, I can still manage to finish them all without feeling stress. Also, I don't easily get sick now even if the weather tries to trick me with its unpredictable schedule. 😜 I can now face my day with confidence and strength! 😊 #BeHealthyInsidAndOut #LookGoodFeelGReat #WatsonsPH
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For this campaign, Watsons wishes us to improve ourselves from the inside out while being socially-conscious and career driven individuals who opt for products that are better for themselves and the planet. Moreover, they want to strengthen the importance of natural products in achieving health-inspired beauty as they continues to provide us with the best options for natural skincare and hair care. 
So together, let us #BeHealthyinsideAndOut to #LookGoodFeelGreat Thank you #WatsonsPH

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  1. StrawberRy LuV 🍓12 July 2019 at 06:44

    I agree! that's why I am very thankful that we have watsons. Palagi na lang akong naho-hold up lol

  2. I agree! Super thankful to Watsons!

  3. Super love their products talaga

  4. Ang gaganda ng offerings ng watsons wately :)