Dough Creamery, SM North Edsa

by - July 21, 2019

Filipinos are known to have sweet tooth and one of our favourite dessert is an ice cream. Do you still remember the sorbeteros ringing their bells to entice the kids who are playing outside to buy their dirty ice cream? Well, my memory is still fresh! Actually, I am one of those children who will run to their parents to ask for some money so I could buy an ice cream in a bun as a merienda! That’s why I am so happy that I found Dough Creamery which located at 2nd floor, North Tower, SM North Edsa, Quzeon City because they revive the past and put on some twist!
One of the owners of Dough Creamery said that, their friends are thinking what to do as a business and they thought an ice cream shop with a theme of sorbeteros since they know that Filipinos love ice cream. They decided to borrow the idea of ice cream in a bun but in a more profitable way. You have three ways to enjoy your Dough Creamery – in a bread cone which is called the Spindle, in a sandwich named Ice Dog, or on a waffle called Waffle Pop. 
Here is the menu board. First thing that you will do is choose what dough that you want. It can be Spindle, Ice Dog, or Waffle Pop. Then, choose what flavor that you like to have. The price will vary depends on the flavour of you choice. 
You can also try their drinks! They have Cream Soda, Floatea, and their newest product which is the Milkshake. Among the drinks that they have, the Milkshake captured my taste buds because of the ice cream that perfectly fits the right amount of its creaminess. And the plus factor is the softness it gives to my tongue 
I can’t believe trying out their desserts would make me so full that I didn’t eat anymore. Their ice cream is one of a kind and I would definitely go back and visit their shop. If you happen to be in SM North Edsa, don’t miss a chance of visiting their store, because you will surely likely it like I do!

Here are their social media accounts for more information:
FACEBOOK: Dough Creamery 
INSTAGRAM: Dough Creamery 

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