Happy Days Club ft. The Good Pillow, Facial Plus PH, Black Beauty, and Organic Skin Japan

by - August 25, 2019

Online shopping is very rampant nowadays because it is very convenient especially to those people who are busy enough to go on shopping in a physical store. As I have observed these online sellers also have a twist on their own and one of it is the Subscription Box where you will choose a plan and they will curate it for and delivery it right away to your doorsteps. I often see Subscription Box in clothing but not in Premenstrual Syndrome or widely known as PMS of women! That’s why I was thrilled when I found out about Happy Days Club! They are the very first PMS subscription box here in the Philippines with a mission to bring happiness in every women’s faces during the whole course of their period. And oh! The boxes you might receive is not only specifically designed for your menstruation problems but you can also receive skin care and hair beauty products as a bonus! Indeed, the box contains all in all products that every women desires!

Happy Days Club are partnered with a lot of brands and some of them are The Good Pillow, Facial Plus PH, Black Beauty, and Organic Skin Japan. With all the products I’ve received, I must say that the money you will spent is really worth it because their partner brands are reliable and very effective to use. 

If you are wondering what The Good Pillow is, it is a 2 – n – 1 natural aromatic compress that you can use through hot (microwave) if you want to relief your stress, aches, or pains and cold (freezer) if you want to alleviate your swellings, cramps, and sprains. This pack contains natural grains, herbs, and essential oils that will give you a heaven – like feeling whenever you use it. My mom is the one who tried this because she had a cramps after a long day of going back and forth for preparing for the celebration of my sister’s graduation. After a while of using it, my mom told me that her cramps is starting to lessen and she can now peacefully rest without enduring the pain. She also told me that she likes it very much because it is not hassle and she doesn’t have to worry being soak in wet.
It is actually my first time hearing Facial Plus PH and I am so happy that they have a complete set of anti – aging skin care regimen. Girls! You don’t have to go to one brand to another just to complete your skin care products because in Facial Plus they have everything you need from start to bottom, plus it is made here in the Philippines! Although, you might see that it is not a lot compared to others but you know, using less is more! So this set includes a soap, a toner, and a cream. The soap serves as a cleanser to my face which is rich in placenta protein that is known to renew the skins cells in order to revitalize and reduce the wrinkles and fine lines present in our face. The toner is a balancer that is formulated with Vitamin A, C, and E for skin renewal and enhancement of skin elasticity and it also boosts the moisture and protects the skin from free radicals. Lastly, their cream acts as a moisturizer that will surely keep your skin smooth and hydrated and you can also make it as base to your make – up. Actually, I am already in my second year in college and the rotations that I am having in the hospital is really stressful that sometimes I am worrying what my face will look like in the next morning due to lack of sleeps. But now, with their anti – aging set that includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that perfectly works to each other, I don’t have to worry because  it really saved me from having a zombie – like face in the next morning. Everytime I use it, I can feel my face is starting to become younger looking, smooth, soft, and well hydrated again! Thanks to them because I will now be able to face my patients with confidence again!
Black Beauty is not new to me because I started to hear them since when I was a little kid and it’s famous as they are termed as “Shampoo ng Kabayo.” Actually, I am very intrigued with this brand because of the positive feedbacks that I always hear from my relatives and my neighbors for its effectivity in making your hair fuller and thicker right away. I received two of their varieties and these are Black Beauty Gold Shampoo and Black Beauty Anti – Dandruff Shampoo. Between the two, I used the former because I have a thin and brittle hair. After using this shampoo, I was impressed because what I heard about this brand is really true. Everytime I comb my hair after taking a bath, there is a less hair fall than its usual that’s why I know and I can say that my hair is becoming stronger, thicker, and fuller than it was before. I don’t have to worry for being bald at a young age because of this! 
The last brand that I received is the Organic Skin which is made in Japan. Organic products is very timely nowadays because of its effectivity and it’s safe to use and this brand guaranteed that it is 100% all natural. They have three kinds of soap and these are the Noni Soap Aging Control Beauty, Lemon Soap Oil Controlling Whitening, and Oatmeal Soap Acne Control Flawless. Between the three, I used the latter because I am really prone for having an acne. Nowadays, flawless skin is very important because even if you like it or not, people will judge you on the way you look that’s why I am always make sure in maintaining my face to be acne free as possible. But of course, it is hard to achieve especially if you cannot still find the right product that is actually perfect for you. I must say, that I already saw the perfect product for me and it is the Oatmeal Soap Acne Control Flawless. I really love this soap because it is gentle and not too strong in my skin. It makes my face soft and it doesn’t dry my skin. And also, everytime a pimple shows up, it will be subside right away that I don’t need to use a pimple patch to hide it. I’m totally enjoying this one and it will surely be part on my everyday routine!
Overall, I would like to thank Happy Days Club for giving me beautiful products that I am enjoying too much and for introducing me to the brands that I haven’t known yet. Because of them, I was able to explore more and most importantly, I was able to properly take care of myself because of the right products that they have sent to me.

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