The Impossible Movie Reflection

by - August 31, 2019

Disaster might be natural or man – made and for me the natural one is more devastating because we don’t know when it will happen and sometimes we cannot control it. We were given a chance to watch a movie entitled “The Impossible.” This movie is a true story of a family who experienced the tragedy of Indian Ocean tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. Tsunami is known as one of the deadliest disasters a person can experience because it can cause a large tidal wave that can lead to death. This movie was made to make people see and realize what a disaster really looks like so that many people will be aware on what to expect if this kind of situation will rise again.

            This movie teaches me a lot of things and one thing that I will never forget is to prepare at all times. There is a saying that it is okay to prepare than to be sorry which I strongly agree because nothing will lose to me if I did it, in fact I can use it as an advantage. Preparing can give me a big help because through this act I can easily cope with the tragedy. For example, if a member of our family had a wound, we can easily tend it because we prepared a first aid kit. We all known that during calamities many people are seeking help in the hospital that sometimes the institution cannot accommodate it anymore. If we have a first aid kit, we don’t have to worry about lining up or waiting for too long in the hospital just to receive a medication. Preparing can be also done through orienting our family members on where to go if there will be a time that we will lost each other. Setting a meet up place will be a big help to us because sometimes it is impossible to see your relatives right away when disaster strikes because many people will scatter along the way trying to find their loved ones too.

            Of course, I would like to appreciate how people in this movie are very helpful to each other because even if they don’t know each one of them they are still willing to help them. This just shows that there are people who still have a big heart. With that move, I learned that after confirming that my family are fine, I will now help others to the best of my abilities. I will help them through tending their wounds too since I am in the medical field and if I can, I will also try to help them to locate their family so that the heaviness in their hearts will uplift upon seeing their family members.

            This movie also reflects how a family love each other because they are willing to sacrifice theirselves just to make sure that their loved ones are safe. I will always be grateful for those people because they are too selfless to think for themselves just for the safety of their family and if that will happen to us, I will never forget it and will always be embedded in my mind and heart. Overall, upon watching this movie, I saw the importance of preparing for calamities because I cannot bare to experience what the family in the movie had undergone because it is too painful and very saddening. That’s why I salute their family for being strong and brave because they were able to surpass the tragedy without losing hope

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