Street Bike Riding Gear {for Fall Riding} For Women

by - August 24, 2019

Part of enjoying your bike to the fullest is maintaining a wardrobe that’s able to handle the challenges of the road ahead. So far, you’ve made it through the summer with light, casual wear that both keeps you cool and offers appropriate levels of protection while you’re speeding from point A to point B, but with fall just around the corner and a great number of beautiful drives through the red-and-gold leaves of the season impending, you might want to consider changing up your riding gear to get the most out of the coming months. Fortunately, finding the right street bike riding gear for women never has to be a hassle when you have a good, reliable guide on your side.
1. Invest in a Jacket with Variety
In fall, you’ll be dealing with a great many changes you’ll need to consider when updating your street biking wardrobe:
      Falling temperatures
      Increased rainfall (in most regions)
      Beginning appearance of snow and ice
Each piece of riding equipment you wear out should be ready and able to handle the challenges that these conditions have to offer. Updating your jacket might just be the trickiest part of getting your riding gear collection fall-ready. In early fall, the temperature outdoors still tends to be hot and sticky, but by the end of this transitional season, you’re experiencing winter temperatures, with a period of intermediate coolness in-between. You could invest in three separate jackets, sure, but the better option is to spend your cash on a jacket with built-in layers that’s designed for a broad range of temperatures and weather conditions. These often include vents that can be opened to let cool air in or closed to keep body heat where it belongs and outer additions that keep the elements where they belong.
2. Find Protective Pants
The most important quality to find in a fall-ready pair of riding pants is weather-resistance. No one likes getting soaked while enjoying a ride on their bike, and in most places fall has a higher amount of rainfall than most other seasons. Prepare for the weather – and the temperature changes – by finding a pair of riding pants with built-in, closable vents and a water-resistant exterior that’ll serve you well in the coming months.
3. Go for More Helmet Coverage
Getting a face full of wind while riding might be a boon during the summer, but in the growing chill of fall, riding without a helmet with a full visor is going to be uncomfortable at best. If you don’t have one already, consider investing in a helmet with a visor that offers full face coverage and offers you optimal coverage from the chilly winds that’ll soon be upon you.
4. Get Thick, Padded Gloves
Other than your face, your hands take the brunt of the wind while you’re on the move. Keep numb, freezing fingers at bay by adding a thick, padded, warm set of gloves to your wardrobe during the chilly months. Better yet, they usually cost even less than the simplest motorcycle aftermarket parts on your list.

Make every fall trip as comfortable, dry and warm as possible by upgrading your wardrobe. Check out options for women’s fall riding apparel along with important aftermarket parts like Honda TRX450 OEM online to ensure you and your bike both are prepared for the season.

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