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by - September 17, 2019

Abbiocco Alternative Filipino Food features a 70% redefined Filipino classic dishes complemented by 30% of Italian, Spanish and Western cuisines. It is located at G/F Metro Stonerich Building #3 Scout Rallos St. corner Mother Ignacia Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. It is open Mondays to Sundays 11 am until 11 pm and until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Abbiocco is an Italian term that means a sleepy or drowsy feeling you get after a big satisfying meal. I must say that after trying their foods, all I want to do next is to sleep or do some siesta because my stomach is very satisfied with the food that they are offering. 
The place is a family restaurant with its modern look. It is very aesthetic with their cute chairs and plants that is scattered in every corner. It is also very homey that is why after you eat here you can feel that the bond of your family and friends become closer. When you see their menu board, it is quite overwhelming because the name is already delicious to read and there is a lot to choose from. The menu board that you can see here is only the half of the food that they are offering. They are still preparing for more and eventually will include it in their final menu board. 
The money that you will spend here is very worthy because of their large servings per meal that could actually cater 3 – 5 persons. My cousin and I tried their famous dishes and I will not question it anymore why it is star – rated because all of it are deliciously mouth-watering. You’ll know it’s Abbiocco when in each big bite, your senses instantly come alive. With each dish intricately planned and plated down to the last detail, expect to discover a new dining experience that will make you want something bolder, bigger, and better than your usual favorites. The food that I’ll be stating here is arranged from my top favorite. 
First is the Pinoy BBQ Baboy Back Ribs for 698 pesos. It is slow cooked tender and lean pork ribs marinated in local lime, soy sauce, and honey served with garlic mashed potato, whole kennel corn, and buttered vegetables. What I like in this food is that it looks hard to munch in but actually it is not. It is easy to bite and chew and the seasoning that they put perfectly blends together.
Second is Anton’s Salted Egg Fried Chicken Wings for 348 pesos. It is a fried chicken wings coated with salted egg sauce and Mango Avocado Salsa served with homemade fries and special dip. What makes me choose it is the name Anton because it is the name of Father which is also the name of Abbiocco’s chief. What I like in this chicken is that it tastes like Shakey’s Mojos but only in chicken wings form. I super like Mojos that’s why this food instantly become one of my favorite.
Third is Artle’s Garlic Confit Rib – eye Salpicao for 598 pesos. It is pan seared tender chunks of rib eye with garlic confit sauce, served with buttered vegetables and garlic rice. It is soft but chewy in a good way. One of the daughter of the owner suggested that this food is one Abbiocco’s specialty. So you might want to try it too when you visit them.
Fourth is the Guinataang Alimasag Sa Aligue for 998 pesos. It is steamed Visayan blue crab with salted egg sauce is coconut cream. This one is good too but it takes time to actually eat it because you have to peel the crabs first. I really don’t like eating food that needs to peel off first because it takes my time to do it but good thing Abbiocco have a plies to help me with my problem.  I can finish eating it right away. With the taste, it never fails me because it is good and satisfying.
You may want to check the menu first because some of their dishes already have a rice. But in case you want to order a rice, they have varieties to choose from. We tried their Shrimp and Salted Egg Fried Rice for 188 pesos. It is a flavorful fried rice of salted eggs and shrimp. Of course, we ordered this because Filipinos are known to love fried rice and we can never missed trying out theirs.
They have different juices to choose from and we chose their mango juice and all four season. They also have a bar counter section if you want to have a chill night. The wines that you can see here is not yet complete because they still have a lot of liquors to be added. 
Abbiocco offers a lot of room according to your liking. They have the common room which is the one that you can see upon entering the restaurant. The semi – private room which is located at the back if you want some intimate moment with your loved ones. The outside part of the restaurant if you want to feel the night or rain breeze. They also have a VIP room if you really want a privacy that can cater 8 people that costs 8,000 pesos for 2 hours. 
They also have acoustic live band from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM to make your Fridays and Saturdays more enjoyable. Craving already?! Get ready for a new dimension of flavor. A Gratifying, unique, and timeless. Welcome to Abbiocco Alternative Filipino.
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