5 Days in Jakarta, Indonesia (2019)

by - June 26, 2020

I am really excited about this trip because this is my first time travelling outside the country. My cousin and I will go to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit my auntie who is working there as a teacher. At first, I am really so nervous that the Philippine Immigration might deny me since I am still a student and my parents are not with me but good thing that the interview went well.

Upon arriving in the city, my auntie and her friend is already waiting in the arrival section. Going to their condominium is full of stories on what happened in the immigration office because my cousin almost did not make it since she is working and they kinda not believe that she will only have a vacation there. But good thing, she was able to make it with me.
We only stayed a night in Indonesia and went to Malaysia in the afternoon of the same day and after spending our 3 days and 2 nights in Malaysia, we want back to Indonesia again because my Auntie’s holiday is already done and they have to work again. Read my blog about our Malaysia trip.

We are staying in Apartment Green Bay Pluit which is located in the northern part of Indonesia that is why Jakarta Bay is within the reach of our eyes. Also, our place is just beside a mall so when we are bored we can just stroll around there. 
So for our first official day in Jakarta, we planned to go to different malls and shop some pasalubong to our family. First, we went to Baywalk Mall, the mall beside our apartment, and are our lunch in A&W Restaurant. It is an American chain of fast – food restaurants and the food there is delicious in a reasonable price. Second, we went to South Lobby Mall specifically in Sports Station because my siblings wants a shoes and the shoes there are the ones that are not yet released in the Philippines, plus it is cheaper too! For our last mall, we went to Central Park Mall to do some window shopping in different luxurious brands. I was so tempted to buy a one Gucci bag for my Mom but she didn’t approve it because according to her it is too much and I am not even working yet. So since we spent our whole day going to malls, we decided to call it a night and eat in Warung Wakaka Muara Karang, a very popular place that is known for serving Indonesian dishes.
Our second day there is Monday so my Auntie and her friend needs to go back to work and we are left to explore the city on our own. We spend the morning in the gym to release some steam while wearing my rash guard because we decided head to swimming pool to cool off. And then we spend the afternoon exploring Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. If you’re planning to go to Jakarta, you must visit this place because it is a place that will make you feel that you are travelling all over Indonesia. It is fun taking a picture here because this place is a miniature of different cities and provinces of Indonesia like Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua, Istana Anak – Anak, Bali, East, West, and Central Java, and etc. To be honest, we weren’t able to visit all of the museums and places in the area because first, my Auntie advised us just to ride a mini bus that roam around the whole area. But we were only able to catch once and it didn’t come back, so we ended up walking. For me, walking is not a good idea because this place is big so it is much better to rent a motorcycle or a bicycle. Actually, we are insisting to rent a motorcycle but my Auntie strongly disapproved so we ended up having aching feet. And second, we went there is the afternoon, the place is enormous and we didn’t have much enough time to stroll the area especially that some of the place there are closing at 5 PM. So, I advised you to go there in the morning, bring some sunscreens and umbrella because it is hot, charge your gadgets for more pictures and videos, and wear comfortable and fashionable clothes and footwear. 
During our fourth day, we went to malls again so buy some last minute pasalubong and buy something for ourselves. In the evening we went to Baywalk Mall to watch the Avengers – End Game. To be honest, I didn’t watch the whole series of Marvel Movies except for Ant – Man and the Wasp because I am not really fond to western series and movies. That is why I find hard to relate all the things that is happening in the movie and good thing my cousin is there to explain the some parts that I didn’t catch up. But don’t worry, I already the watched whole Marvel series when I went back home and I ended up loving Iron Man.
Our fifth day is our last day and I spend the whole day vlogging my Indonesia and Malaysia haul so if you have time, kindly watch it. Thank you! After vlogging, I pack my things since our flight is in the evening of that day. I have so many pasalubong for my family that is why I am so happy that it fitted my luggage and didn’t exceed the maximum weight. 
To sum it up, Jakarta is known as the capital city of Indonesia so expect that this place is in the civilization. The city is full of shopping malls, buildings, and cars. I also noticed that they only have a few public transportations and they only rely their transportations to Grab. What I like about their Grab is that it is way cheaper than the Philippines. Imagined, we booked a Grab 4 times on the same day and we only spend around 800 pesos and since I have my cousin with me, we split it into two. The locals there can somehow understand and speak English so you will not have a problem communicating with them. But just to be sure, download a Google Translate and their Language so you can use it even without data. I will surely go back here again and maybe explore the different provinces like Bali.

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