4 Days Trip in Kuala Lumpur and George Town, Malaysia (2019)

by - June 27, 2020

After spending a night in Indonesia, we went to Malaysia right away and spent 5 days and 4 nights exploring different cities. Malaysia is one of the visited country in Southeast Asia because of its beautiful tourist attraction that is why I am so excited for this trip.
Upon landing, we decided to change our money from dollars to ringgit in the money changer inside the airport because we need to purchase a sim for internet connection and we need to eat our dinner. Cringy as it may sound, but we ate our first meal in KFC. What I notice about the KFC there is that they have a different menu and they don’t offer rice in every meal so you need to buy it individually. They don’t have gravy but they have a lot of sauces from sweet sauce to spicy sauce. The foods are big and much more delicious. I also noticed that their mashed potato is very different from Philippines because it is so mashed and soft in the mouth. After eating, we then booked a Grab going to our Airbnb. The place where we stayed at is spacious enough for 5 people. The unit is composed of 2 bedrooms, one big living room, a kitchen and dirty kitchen, dining area, and laundry area and it only costs 5,000 for 5 days already, such a nice deal! And since we are exhausted from our flight, we just called it a night and decided to explore the city the next day.
During our second day we decided to go to Batu Caves, a limestone hills that is compose of caves and cave temples. If you’re planning to go there you must wear a conservative clothes in order to pay respect to their culture. But if you still want to wear clothes that is higher than your knees, it is still okay as long as you have balabal or sarong. But in case you didn’t have one you can rent yours there. I also advised you to go there early in the morning so that there will be no much people and the sun will not be too hot. You must bring a water with you but you can also buy a water bottle there if you find it hassle in bringing one. I wasn’t able to count the steps going to the temple because I am too busy taking photos, breathing, and avoiding the monkeys because I heard that these monkeys can be aggressive. Our next destination is the Petronas Twin Tower which is known for its twin skyscrapers. We went inside and explore the mall that usually caters luxurious brands and we also ate our lunch there though it is quite pricey. We also took a picture in the middle of the scorching sun because that is the only time that there are only a few people who are trying to get photos with the twin tower too. It is much better to take a photos using wide lens because it can really capture the whole building but if you don’t have, there are vendors who are selling a clip lens composing a micro, macro, and wide lens. After that, we went to Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket to buy some pasalubong like chocolates. I recommend this place because it is way cheaper to the point that I was able to buy many chocolates that costs for only 3,000 PHP. If you want to know what I bought in Mydin you can watch it on my YouTube channel.
For our third day, a local approached us and offered us a ride going to Resorts World Genting located in Genting Highlands. We stopped by a restaurant first that the driver suggested and it is called Restoran Up & Up, which is a Chinese restaurant. After eating we then continued travelling to Genting. Going to Resorts World, you need to ride a cable car and that was my first time riding a cable car. During the whole ride, I must say that it was such an experience because the view is majestic and it is also cold because the clouds is within our reach. The cable car is safe to ride because it is sturdy and the ropes are very thick. Also, one cable car is for one group already so rest assured that there is no stranger riding with you. There is also a stations, where you can go down and explore it but our group decided not to go down and head right away at the top where the Resorts World is located. Resorts World Genting is big where you can enjoy a leisure activities because there is a theme park inside where the kids will surely enjoy. There are also a lot of restaurants and stores to choose from. So there will be no doubt that this Resort World is the largest hotel in the whole world with 7,351 rooms. After exploring Genting, we went back to Kuala Lumpur and eat a Filipino dish in Kotaraya Complex Shopping Mall. You can see a lot of Filipinos working there and there is also Filipino grocery store where you can buy chips, condiments, and other things. However, it is pricey than its usual price. Like for example, we we went to a carinderia and ordered one cup of rice and one serving of adobo and it already costs 250 PHP. But I didn’t care much about the price because I am willing to spend my money just to satisfy my stomach who is already asking for a Filipino dish. After eating our lunch, we went back to our Airbnb and took some nap. And when evening came, I attended a mass with my cousin and we just meet – up my Aunties and her friends in Petronas Twin Tower to see what the building looks like during night time. We planned to take some photos there again but we decided not to continue since there are a lot of people in the area and it is not pleasing in the eyes if there is so much people in the background. And before we go back home, we decided to stroll the China Town which is located in Jalan Petaling Street and we are luckily that there are still restaurants who are still open. We ate in a Chinese restaurant in which I forgot the name. We ordered a lot of Chinese barbeques and a rice with marinated chopped meat on it and I will tell you that this restaurant serves the most delicious food among all of the restaurant that we dine in.
Day four is very unproductive day because we spend the whole day in a bus. At frst, we decided to go to Malacca and experience their beach but a kababayan told us that it is much better to go to George Town in Penang Island. So we searched about it and immediately decided to go there instead because of it’s a colorful multicultural place. But little did we know that going there will take us around 8 hours riding 2 bus. One from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (6 hours) and to Penang Island (2 hours). Imagined, we left Kuala Lumpur at around 12 in the afternoon then reached the Penang Island at 8 in the evening. Since it is already evening, most of tourists spots in the island are already close and the only thing that we can do there is to stroll around the streets and eat our dinner. We ate in Red Garden Food Paradise, a food court with a lot of stalls to choose from. This place is very popular to foreigners because they can order alcoholic drinks here, considering the fact that this place is a Muslim country. And there are also performers too that will keep you entertain while you are eating. After that, we headed back to the bus station and kill our time there while waiting for the bus to leave. The ride going to our Airbnb is really exiting because we are riding a 2 – story bus. It was my first time riding on that kind of bus and I really enjoyed it because even if I only spend sleeping on that bus, my experience there is like I am sleeping in a bedroom because of its big recliner seat with a full blast air-conditioned. It was a smooth ride and when we woke up, the sun is already shining and we are already in the capital. We then book a Grab going straight to our Airbnb, took some nap, pack our things, and leave to catch our flight back to Jakarta, Indonesia.
I had so much fun travelling in Malaysia because there are a lot of places that you can visit and enjoy. And I really think that our stay there is not enough. What I like in Malaysia is that you can travel the places in different ways. You can book a Grab and ride a train and a bus. Their transportation system is really nice because they have time of arrival in different stations and most of it are being followed. Their train is so big and the air-conditioned is functioning well and their bus is like a Korean drama type of buses. They also offer free ride to everyone but that is only for pink or blue buses (Sorry, I forgot. Hehe!).

On the other hand, we also experienced not so good things there. First, it is quite hard to communicate with them because they are not really good in English so Google Translate is such a life saver. I’m really sorry to hate this but the second is that the locals smells really bad and I think it is because of the spicy food and sauces that they love to eat. And if you’re going to cover your nose, they might feel offended because that gesture is a sign of disrespect to them so it is much better to avoid big crowds of locals and remember, do not say mabaho or baho because the meaning of that phrase to their language is also the same with them. The third one is the worst that we experienced because some of the locals will cat call you. It is so disrespecting and it creeps us out because even if you’re wearing decent clothes they will still call you names and some will even look at you hardly and they will not even care if you know that they are looking at you. And if you try to move away, they will still follow you and during that moment we felt so unsafe during because we never know what they can do to us. Good thing we didn’t experienced the worst of the worst because we really want to have a fun trip that will be memorable to us. But even though we experienced those kind of things we still want to go back and explore the other side of Malaysia because I heard that they still have a lot of things that they stored to foreigners like us.

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