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by - September 12, 2020

We are constantly being challenge because of the current pandemic that we are experiencing right now and the effects of this global crisis may seem insurmountable. Though even if we are shaken about this, there is still a whisper of hope and a whisper to become stronger to overcome this situation. This pandemic makes a woman to have a tremendous amount of hope to continually inspire with a brand of bravery that is empathetic, persistent, and unapologetically themselves since this new environment that we need to adapt to, really needs a brand of bravery from women.
Whisper wants to celebrate #TheNewBrave women who was able to successfully adapt in this situation. Those women who was able to develop a new hobby, learned new skills to complement their work and life demands, learned how to relax and gained new self-care practice, and re-awakened their older interest. Actually, #TheNewBrave is not about defeating the struggle but it is all about encouraging women to embrace their vulnerability especially that discomfort is only a temporary feeling and there is a growth that is waiting for us. Whisper wants us to find the joy and victory in little things that we have achieve, believe in our strength, and celebrate what we have become. #TheNewBrave is about thriving and growing through the pavement and learning how to bloom where we are planted. Today, we are brave and tomorrow we will become braver. If there is a day when it feels like us, women, want to take a step back, #TheNewBrave mindset will always reminds us that even though our growth isn’t linear and all our paths are unique, we are growing and getting stronger all the same.
Whisper’s newest campaign aims to amplify #TheNewBrave at a time when people are most afraid of life’s uncertainties. Women understand physical and emotional pain because it comes to us every month in varying degrees which has developed a brand of bravery that’s rooted in empathy. Now, more than ever, the world needs this culture of empathy and acceptance so others can get involved in finding their new bravery as well.
Whisper’s 3x better protection holds space during our most vulnerable moments. It allows us to move freely during our time of the month. The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant comes with dermacare lotion that helps to lessen our skin hypersensitivity, moisturize and reduce friction, improve our skin barrier, and soothe our skin. It is curvaliciously design that perfectly fits and because of its strong and secured adhesive tape, it keeps our pad in place in our undergarments. It also has an anti – leak barriers to prevent ourselves from experiencing leakage from all sides. Now, you don’t have to worry about the sudden gush of blood in your perineal area because all of the qualities that a pad should possess, they have it all! Truthfully, whisper enables women to still embrace #TheNewBrave and be the best that they can be even during even their most difficult cycles.
Whisper’s support extends beyond its already impressive pads with 3x better protection. More than being the pad trusted by millions of women all over the world, Whisper uses its platform to celebrate all manifestations of our womanhood.
To know more about the glimpse of #TheNewBrave, watch Whisper’s new video below. Together, let’s celebrate our small victories, find joy and meaning in where we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can face it together and embody #TheNewBrave in this new normal.

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