Boodle Bilao Food Hub

by - July 24, 2020

Planning to have a hassle free celebration? Don’t worry because Boodle Bilao Food Hub will do it for you. This food hub delivers different Filipino comfort food straight to your doorstep. I discovered them through a Facebook advertisement. Actually, discovering them is such a perfecting timing because I saw them the day before my Mom and my Brother’s birthday celebration. I message them right away in messenger and asked for their menu and list of prices and I was quite surprised on how fast they response to and how cheap the prices are. So after reading the client feedbacks and watching different YouTube videos about them, we decided to order from them. Upon ordering they asked me to answer their order form for rider details like delivery date, time, and instructions and also my name, contact, complete address, and landmark near our house. 
Boodle Bilao have different kinds of ala carte meals or what they called as Binalot Solo Meals and House Specialties. They also offers party packages which are the Cater Tray Package, Boodle Bilao and Boodle Tray. Cater Tray Package includes vegetable, pasta or noodles, desserts and you have to choose from their 3 main dishes which are the Beef, Pork, and Chicken or Fish. Boodle Bilao is obviously served in bilao and you can choose from Meat, Fiesta, and Seafood Veggies Boodle. Boodle Tray have different sizes that ranges from 2, 3, 4, and 5 footer. They also offer Putok Batok Tray that comprises of different bundle of fat meals. Of course, Pancit sa Bilao will not be missing in their menu. And to complete your celebration you can also order Desserts and Cakes, Milktea, and Drinks from them.
So for my Mom and my Brother’s birthday celebration, we ordered their 5 footer Boodle Tray that costs 3,550 pesos. They also charged us 500 pesos for delivery fee which I think is reasonable enough considering that we ordered from their branch in Taytay and our location is in Mandaluyong. They packed the food neatly and securely as seen in the photo and we received the food 1 hour earlier the expected time given. The food is also still hot when we received it. 
This boodle tray have so many viands like java rice, chicken inasal, fried bangus, fried tilapia, grilled liempo, pork shanghai rolls, pusit, beef tapa, pork sisig, shrimp, kangkong, salted egg, talong, cucumber, onions, and tomato. They will also give you sauces like soy sauce with calamansi and chili pepper and barbecue sauce. And boodle fight will not be complete without their free gloves and banana leaves.
They said that this 5 footer tray can cater 18 to 19 people but honestly it can cater more than that. If my counting is right, I think 43 people were able to eat from that tray. But of course, to observe proper hygiene we really did not do a boodle fight but instead this tray just serves as a tray for food. We just pick the viands that we like to eat and place it in our paper plates. Don’t worry, we still used the gloves so that the kamayan session will still be there. 
For the overall review about Boodle Bilao Food Hub, I can say that what you will received more than what you payed for because the tray is loaded of foods. Honestly, there are still many java rice left and we decided to split it to our family and friends so it will not be wasted. The foods taste so great and it really got the perfect taste of a Filipino food. I personally like the pork sisig, beef tapa, and chicken inasal with the barbeque sauce. Though the sauces that they gave to us is not enough, but it is still okay since we have soy sauce and ketchups in our house. 
Food restaurant that offers deliveries like Boodle Bilao Food Hub are really a great help because they make every consumers life very convenient. We will not have any problem in deciding what to prepare and who will cook for the different occasion that we will celebrate because they are here to help us in our dilemmas. Big thank you for Boodle Bilao Food Hub for a great experience during my Mom and my Brother’s birthday. Our family and guests were amazed on how loaded tray and how good the taste and the presentation was. Totally worth every penny!
Boodle Bilao Food Hub have three different branches and you can message them for your inquiries:

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