How Do I Cope-Up With This Pandemic

by - January 13, 2021

Last 2020, the world began to experience the coronavirus outbreak that put fears to a lot of people. This outbreak become a pandemic because of the fast pace transmission of the COVID-19 disease. With that, a lot of people are currently facing problems mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The natural thing to do of a person to fight these challenges is to try different activities that could positively help them to cope-up with the pandemic. 

As for me, I can say that I am coping mentally because I don’t experience anxiety and depression unlike other people. Anxiety and depression is very common during this pandemic because this COVID-19 disease brings a lot of uncertainties in a way that you don’t know if you are already exposed or if you are already infected. The ways I that I do to be mentally healthy is to limit myself in watching news and updates about the COVID-19. I know that I am a student nurse and I should be updated in this kind of information, but I just really cannot stand the fact that everytime I open our television and my social media accounts all I can see is the continuously rising number of infected individuals. That kind of news is a depressing one and will make you believe that this pandemic will not be over anytime soon. To help me divert attention with different kind of depressing news, I try to do the things that I haven’t done in a while and that is exercising and dieting. Before pandemic happened, I am not in my healthiest state that is why I took the advantage of being quarantine. I exercise everyday and it makes me so happy because it boosts my mood and reduces my stress level. I also start experimenting different kinds of dieting that is suitable to me and I am so ecstatic to start positive changes in my body. I know that I have a long way to go to be able to achieve being a healthy individual but I guess changes like these helps me to divert myself in thinking the coronavirus outbreak. 

Being quarantined in a few months can actually bring positive and negative effects on the emotional side of the people but for me, I experienced its positive side. Before the pandemic, all our family members are very busy with their own activities that is why I am glad that this quarantine period only gave us the choice to spend the rest of our months being with each other. Even though this situation can be emotionally cracking to some other people, but for me I like it that way because helps me to become emotionally healthy. Being with my family for such a long period of time helps me to cope-up emotionally with the never-ending negative news about the COVID-19 disease in a way that my parents and siblings are there to guide me and talk to me. Being with them in this time of crisis, makes me feel that I am not alone in this battle and I have them with me to fight this disease in our own little ways. Their presence makes a huge difference on how I perceived this pandemic because this outbreak actually helps our family to strengthen our connection since we now have a lot of time to learn, discover, and understand each other. 

As an active blogger, I thought that I’ll be socially disadvantage during this pandemic because I am used to go outside attending events and parties for the different brands that I’ve been working with during the past years. We all know that this outbreak makes it impossible for us to go outside thus most of our planned activities and work are being halted. But I never thought that this situation can actually helped me to grow more my online community and to be able to work with big brands. This situation opened me to a lot of opportunities because online marketing is where brands are venturing right now. I was able to cope-up socially because I let myself to open my doors to different work opportunities that I never thought I would be able to do and I also welcomed new online friends that helped me to improve my market. This pandemic helped me to explore new capabilities and gain confidence that I never thought that I will have. 

I am very much active in terms of attending worship services even before the lockdown that’s why when I heard that it is impossible to held mass services in our church I become down for a moment but I guess, I don’t have a choice but to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the government to keep the safety of everyone. Although, I cannot go to church for the mean time, I am still spiritually healthy because our family make sure that we do worship services in our house every week and attend online meetings led by the leaders of our church. But since lockdowns is not that strict now, we are now able to attend masses in our church following the IATF requirements. I remember when I first step my feet inside of our church, I felt chills running down throughout my body because I realized that despite of so many challenges that the world is encountering right now, I am still alive and strong all thanks to Him.

We have different ways in coping up during this pandemic and I hope that you are adjusting well. We should not let the situation to negatively affect us. As they have said, the law of attraction is strong so let us surrounds ourselves with positivity. Stay strong loves!

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