Simple Home Security Practices You Need To Follow This 2021

by - January 17, 2021

Home shouldn’t only be where you can feel most comfortable, but also where you can feel the safest. Of course, it’s great if you can afford a smart security system that manages your home for you. However, they can be rather costly and need specific know-how to manage it correctly. 

Luckily, there are a lot of security practices that don’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are the simplest and most affordable home security practices to follow this year.

Install an affordable CCTV system
Unlike what most people believe, a CCTV system isn’t expensive. There are a lot of affordable systems that can be controlled by a mobile app. This even gives you the freedom to monitor your home remotely. Most of all, this is often paired with an alarm system that will blast loud sounds from your mobile phone once an attack is detected.

Delete photos of your front door and gate from social media
Uploading photos of your home may seem like a harmless move, but they can be used to track you down. This is especially true when you’re on vacation! They can easily break into your home as there’s no one to monitor it. Deleting photos of your front door and gate from all your social media accounts can highly prevent this from happening.

Light up the surroundings of your home
Keep your home bright at night with ample lighting throughout the home. Burglars and vandals often work in the dark, so lighting up your home can really help. If you have more budget, buy motion-activated lights as it can easily alert you when someone intrudes in your vicinity. Otherwise, you can also buy solar-powered lights that automatically turn off once the sun rises.

Upgrade your doorknobs and locks
It may be unimaginable but burglars often use your doors to intrude in your home. To keep these doors secure, upgrade your doorknobs and locks with a smart lock. This gives you the option to authenticate your door with a PIN code and even your fingerprint. There’s a lot of affordable ones in the market, and it’s worth it to get them for the security they promise.

Fortify your windows
Windows are the other point of entry and exit for your home. So, keep them secure with a break-free glass! Aside from fortifying your windows, you can also make use of a window security film. This gives you a certain level of privacy from your neighbors. Latches and levers can also upgrade your window security even more.

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