Nurses Commitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by - February 03, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing right now, nurses are all struggling to provide the best care for their clients. They faced a lot of challenges as this disease is totally new and there is only a limited information about it. The end of the battle to this pandemic is still cannot be seen as the infected individuals continue to rise and a new corona virus strain, that is more dangerous than the first one, just emerged. It is only natural for nurses to feel burnout because of the workload that they are receiving right now. Other than taking care of the infected individuals, they still have to follow new protocols which can be seen as a tiring activity because it has a lot of procedures to follow. But despite the challenges, nurse’s commitment in the field is still evident and continue soaring.

Nurses’ role is to deliver direct patient care and reduce the risk of exposure to infectious disease however during this COVID-19 pandemic, their performance is greatly affected. Fernandez et al. (2020) provided evidences of nurses’ experiences while working in an acute hospital settings during the pandemic. They said that nurses has a strong sense of duty, dedicated to provide patient care, and can even sacrifice their own safety for the betterment of their clients. It is just a proof that nurses are committed to their roles because they are still attending their duties and responsibilities as a professional healthcare worker despite how difficult and dangerous the situation is. Lui et al. (2020) also studied the experiences of nurses caring for COVID-19 in the early stages of the outbreak. They also stated that nurses felt that they are fully responsible to the well-being of their patients because providing the best care even if there is a pandemic is the duty they vowed to do. Some actually volunteered to take care an individual with COVID-19 because for them it is a call of duty to fight against the rising disease. By joining in this battle, nurses felt proud that they are one of the healthcare professionals being called as front liners because this title is a proof that they are one of the heroes in fighting this disease.

In conclusion, despite the overwhelming challenges brought by COVID-19, lack of comprehensive knowledge about the disease, and concerns for their personal health, nurses are still strongly committed in their field of work because their sense of duty did not waiver as they continually do what they had vowed for and that is to be fully responsible to the lives of the sick people. Even if they are physically and emotionally drained because of the current situation, their performance in taking care of their patients will not be affected and in fact they are willing to risk their life by volunteering just to provide care to infected individuals. They even do different self-management methods just to make sure that they will still stay sane in the midst of this pandemic so that the quality of care that will be given to their clients will not be compromised.

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