The Role of Nurses in the Earth’s Ecosystem

by - January 28, 2021

Nurses do not only play as an individual who take care an ill patient but they also advocate them in order to prevent some certain diseases. The environment is one of the risk factors why people get sick because the environment that they are currently living in is not being handled properly thus affecting their overall health. The environment is present with a lot of microorganisms such bacteria, virus, protozoa, and fungi that could affect the people lives that is why nurses are expected to do their roles in protecting the ecological balance and promoting the environmental health. Some of the responsibilities of the nurse is to advocate the public on how to properly manage their surroundings that could lessen the prevalence of different microorganisms so that it will reduce the risk of the people in acquiring a disease that might be present in their environment. Nurses should help the public to identify potential problems or issues that is present within their environment that could put their and the public’s health and wellness into risk. Identifying this at an early stage is really important so that the problem will be solve and will be given an attention right away. 

The role of the nurse in promoting the environmental health is not an easy task that is why they should continuously equip theirselves with the basic knowledge and concepts so that they could maximize their full potential and abilities. They should have an access to information because it can impart them the knowledge and skills that they will need in order to to promote good health. This knowledge and concepts can help them to understand how the exposure to environmental hazards happens and it can also help them to know the different basic prevention, control strategies, and effective interventions that could be useful when a situation or a problem arises. Nurses are also expected to adapt to changes and cope with challenges in order for them to protect the ecosystem and environmental health, in achieving this, they should become a flexible and quick minded person. Changes are happening so rapidly, so when a nurse is flexible enough they will know right away what to act in a given situation that adjusting to new changes will not become a problem anymore. Nurses also need to be quick minded in order to be able to understand the changes that will happen so that they will not need more time in comprehending it. Nurses also need to make sure that they are aware with the existing rules and regulations imposed by the legislation related to environmental health so that they will know what and how to act properly when facing a certain situation. 

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