AOEN Episode 75: New Grad Experience by Gina

by - February 02, 2022

        The AOEN episode 75 podcast titled, “The New Grad Experience, with Gina'' is all about the experiences of Ms. Gina in the emergency department as a new graduate of the residency program in nursing. She shared the advantages of being a nurse residency, the attitude of her preceptor towards her, the things she suggests that could have improved her residency program, the advice she would give to the new graduates, and the things that a nurse should remember and forget. For Ms. Gina, being in the nurse residency has an advantage to almost everything because of the educational support that it gives. In this program, you can gain knowledge and hands-on experiences that will help you in providing quality nursing care for your clients. Her residency program experience was more fruitful because she had a preceptor who is the most compassionate and a very detailed oriented person. According to her, her preceptor never made her look like she is stupid for asking so many questions neither letting her feel that she is useless for doing something that is not right. Instead, her preceptor even introduced her to her colleagues so she can be more comfortable in her environment and be able to practice good communication with them. Along the course of her residency program, she mentioned that she really enjoyed it, however she suggested that maybe the program can be improved more if the course will be broken up evenly so it will not be too heavy to take. If the modules are scattered properly, she stated that she would have done all of it and will not have regrets for not for not doing it because of time constraints. Ms. Gina also gave advice to new nursing graduates to pursue what they are passionate about because if you enjoy what you are doing you will surely be able to do your job effectively. Graduates should also remember to smile because it gives a sense of comfort that will help building the nurse-client relationship. Lastly, Ms. Gina shared the things that a nurse should remember and forget. According to her, a nurse should forget being so comfortable because when you are uncomfortable that is the only time that you are being vulnerable that you would start to ask questions that will help you grow in the process. In contrast, the nurse should always remember that being a health educator and an advocate will contribute to a quality nursing care that they will provide to their clients.

        One thing that caught my attention when I was listening to this podcast is when the speaker said that, if what you are passionate about gives you an opportunity to take it, you should go and grab it. Do not let anybody influence what you should take first because even if you do not have any experience on what you like yet, you will eventually learn it and get better at it since learning will be easy if you know that you love what you are doing. I can not wait to experience waking up and going to my work feeling so excited because I love what I am doing. I know that being a nurse is not an easy job but because this is what I am passionate about, I will surely enjoy it to the point that I will feel that my tasks are just so easy to do. I also wanted to feel that I will work because it makes my inner self alive and not because it is my responsibility to do so.

        I would apply what I learned from this podcast by following the advice of the speaker that I will follow what I am passionate about. As of now, I don’t have definite plans on what I should take as a specialization in nursing since I will be taking medicine after I graduate. However, if I will not study medicine, I am looking forward to being a pediatric nurse since I love kids and taking care of them is fun for me. I always feel so tired every after duty but when I was assigned to do a duty on the pediatric ward, I still feel tired but there is a joy and contentment within me. Seeing the cute faces of the kids makes my heart jump in joy. That is why if ever that I will end up working in a pediatric ward and I encountered challenges, I will not give up. I will take these obstacles as a learning that will help me in my future endeavors. In addition, if there is something that I am not sure about, I will not keep it to myself but instead I will voice it out and ask other healthcare professionals about it since I am going to handle the life of a person where evrything should be well thought of.

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