Why is Dr. José Rizal our National Hero?

by - February 03, 2022

           José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or also known as Dr. Jose Rizal is considered as one of the national heroes in the Philippines. Even if he was not officially proclaimed as a National Hero in the country, it is still suited to him to have that prestigious title. I considered Dr. José Rizal as our national hero because he bravely fought for our freedom and helped us awaken our sense of nationalism. Because of these actions, he made a remarkable contribution for the Philippine Independence and as a result we were able to enjoy the freedom that we are currently having right now. 

        Dr. Jose Rizal helped fight for our freedom against the oppressors. He may not choose guns as his sword but still his work of writings creates a big threat to Spanish Government. His words are too powerful because it helps the Filipinos to become aware of how the Spanish Government is treating and handling them. The Spanish Government wants the Filipinos to stay “Indio” as they are so they can fully colonize the Philippines that is why they are so determined to kill Dr. José Rizal because they knew that Dr. José Rizal will exploit their plan. However, Dr. José Rizal, did not even bulge on the threats that he is receiving because he still chooses to continue doing what he believes will greatly contribute in attaining the freedom of the Philippines. 

        One of the greatest contributions of Dr. José Rizal is that he helped us awaken our sense of nationalism. With the help of his writings, he made the Filipinos realize that invaders do not have any rights to own the land that originally belongs to them. Also, he made sure that Filipinos are all aware that the Spanish Government does not have any rights to rule the whole country because they are only invaders who are trying to steal that are not rightfully theirs. With that, Dr. José Rizal helped us to love our own country that is why Filipinos before are starting to have the courage to fight against the colonizers. They started to show loyalty and devotion that encouraged them to help what they can just to gain the freedom that was once deprived to them.

        It is just right to identify Dr. José Rizal as one of the national heroes in the Philippines because his writings become our awakening and calling that we must fight for our Independence. He devoted most of his life in his writings because he knows that his works will educate a lot of people about the Spanish Government. He educated us in so many ways that shaped us to show our patriotism and nationalism to our country. He helped us change how we see Spanish colonization that sparks us to be brave enough to fight for our rights. He even sacrificed his life just to help us gain the freedom that we should have. He is a noble hero because of his exceptional service in helping gain the Philippine Independence.

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