Rizal Sa Dapitan Movie vs. The Jose Rizal Movie

by - February 03, 2022

Describe the life of Jose Rizal as represented in both films.
        Rizal Sa Dapitan movie showed the life of Dr. Jose Rizal when he was sent to Dapitan in Mindanao because of his opposition to the Spanish friars and government. Despite being imprisoned and in the watchful eyes of the Spanish authorities, he was still able to do the things that he loves. He still treats the sick people, teaches the young ones, and meets his family and friends. He also met his wife, Josephine Bracken, in Dapitan where they had a stillborn child. Even if Rizal was in exile in Dapitan, he was a free prisoner who urges to strive more and be productive. 
        The Jose Rizal movie narrated the life of Dr. Jose Rizal from his childhood to his execution during the Spanish colonization. It was stated that he excels in education, gaining him a title of Doctor in Ophthalmology, even if he receives bullying from his classmates because of him being small. Paciano, his brother, helped him awaken about the wrong governance of the Spanish to the Filipino. As a result, he wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which were seen as very dangerous writings because they stated here all of the bad traits of Spanish governance. Because of that, he was exiled in Dapitan and was sent to prison in Manila where he met Luis Taviel that was appointed to defend him at his trial. However, even before the trial began there was already an order that he must be executed. On December 30, 1896, Dr. Jose Rizal died where it serves as a spark of the Filipino Revolution. 

What are the main questions that each of the films seeks to answer?
        The main question that Rizal Sa Dapitan seeks to answer is what makes him think to live a normal life in Dapitan even if he is in exile. As I watched the movie, Dr. Jose Rizal is acting like he was not imprisoned at all because he was still able to do his normal activities. I think the answer to this question is that since Rizal is a very active guy he does not want to waste his time just sitting down and thinking about what will happen next in his life. He knows that his mother land is still in the hands of bad governance, that is why he still tries to protect it at all his might. In addition, he has this perception that whatever happens, you still have to continue to live your life and not be 
controlled by others. 
        On the other hand, the main question that the Jose Rizal movie seeks to answer is what made Dr. Jose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines. If I were to answer this question, based on the movie that I watched, he should be given that title because he awakened the eyes of the Filipinos through his writings. He knows that most FIlipinos are not well educated so in order to help them see the reality of Spanish governance, he instills them with knowledge. Dr. Jose Rizal does not want a bloody revolution, but his work serves as a silent revolution against the Spaniards. 

Based on the class discussion, what can you say about the film’s representation of Rizal? 
        Based on the class discussion, the representation of both films on the life of Dr. Jose Rizal is both acceptable and justifiable. It is acceptable because the film was able to portray the life of Dr. Jose Rizal from his childhood up to his death. We already know the usual events during his time, there were harsh treatments, wars, betrayals and the likes. So I was really in awe that what I just learned recently from the discussion was seen in the movie. Just like when he was a child, he was bullied at school but since Rizal is a brave man, he fought his attacker despite the size and height difference. In addition, both the films representations are justifiable in a way that most of the scenes are right. The things that you expect to see in the movies were seen there just like the lovelife of Dr. Jose Rizal from his different women, meetings and gatherings with some important people, his exile and execution, and others. Also, the emotions of the actors and the actresses were accurate. They even learn the Spanish language just to portray the same exact scene during the time of Dr. Jose Rizal. 

Compare and contrast the 2 films.
        Rizal Sa Dapitan directed by Tikoy Aguiluz and Jose Rizal that was directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya are both films that portrayed the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. However, Rizal Sa Dapitan solely focused on the life of Dr. Jose Rizal when he was exiled in Dapitan, Mindanao while Jose Rizal portrayed the life of Dr. Jose Rizal from his childhood until his death. The similarities between these two films is that both of the films are well curated. They researched well before producing the films just to make sure that all of the important events are included. The cinematography used on both film matches on their timeline making it look more historical. On the other hand, the differences of both films is the way it was presented. In Rizal Sa Dapitan, it was presented in a timely manner in such a way that it started when he was sent to Dapitan and it ended when he left for Cuba but turned out to be sending him to Manila for his nearing execution. While on Jose Rizal, the movie was presented with flashbacks of scenes. In the present time, he was in jail while sharing his stories to the people who are visiting him. While he shares his story, that is the time that the scene will transition to the past just for the viewers to see what exactly happened in the stories that he is telling. Despite the similarities and the differences of both films, the films are knowledgeable and as a viewer, I really appreciate films like this because I learned to appreciate the life that was sacrificed and the efforts of my countrymen just to attain the freedom that I am already enjoying right now. 

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