Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in Nursing

by - July 04, 2022

Why is EBP is important in nursing practice? 
        Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is the integration of clinical judgment or expertise, best evidence from literature findings, and patient preferences or values. EBP is the process of forming a clinical questions that will be used in searching and appraising of evidences that will eventually integrate in clinical expertise and patient preferences. If the findings is considered to be helpful after evaluating it, it will be disseminated. EBP is important in nursing practice because it helps nurses to provide a high quality care through the help of well-founded decisions from the different scientific research. It allows us to synthesize the knowledge needed for interventions and practice in order to provide an individualized care to the patient. EBP makes us to be updated in new clinical medical protocols for patient care. It is also a cost effective health care because it reduces the expense of the organization since it can decrease the demand of healthcare resources by only availing the updated and much needed resources in the organization. 

Why is it important to ask clinical questions? 
        Clinical question is a question related to the patient or any problem that is experienced in the clinical practice. The elements of clinical questions are population, intervention, comparison, outcome, time which is widely known as PICOT. It is important to ask a clinical question because it improves the quality of care to be given since it focuses on the evidences related to the clinical needs of the patients. Clinical questions helps to broaden the knowledge of healthcare providers since its result findings is compose of different studies that is integrated to one, in order to produce a well-built evidence practice that can be used in providing individualized interventions to the patients. Asking a clinical question can actually help us to have a high-yield search strategies that will be useful in finding evidences of certain interventions in order to assess its effectivity to the patient care. Asking clinical questions will also make healthcare providers to communicate to each other clearly that will eventually facilitate education and learning which is very beneficial in the field of healthcare in order to provide the best quality care to the patients. 

How do you create a well – built PICOT question? 
        According to the article entitiled, “Asking the Clinical Question: A Key Step in Evidence-Based Practice,” PICOT is a consistent, systematic way in identifying the components of clinical issue. It clarifies these components which will be the guide in searching for related evidences. It is important that the PICOT question is well – build because it will make searching for the best evidence of a certain practice to be found quickly and efficiently. In creating a well-built PICOT question, one should have the spirit of inquiry because the curiosity of the researcher will help them to continuously find the best evidence practice that they think is beneficial both to the healthcare providers and to the clients. There should be a present clinical issue, which needs for an accurate answer, because this is where the study will revolve. The clinical issue should be clear so that the study will only focus about it. After identifying the clinical issue, the researcher must reflect on it and identify its components such as the population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time because these are needed in order to formulate a correct clinical question. Once the issue is already clarified, the PICOT questions can be now written based on what type of question it is. PICOT questions can be either an intervention or therapy, etiology, diagnosis or diagnostic test, prognosis or prediction, or meaning. There is also a readily available template that can be used as guidance for each type of question so that clinical question that will be formulated is answerable, researchable, and appropriate to the purpose of the study.

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