by - March 19, 2018

For this blog, I will share some good memories that I did during my whole stay in Senior High School. I have a lot of good activities to share with you but I only chose the subjects that are core and specialized to this strand so that the content will only focus about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I will share you the 5 activities or projects that makes me love studying STEM.

When it was my first semester of Grade 11, our project in Solid Geometry during our midterm is to make a 2D floor plan of a house and for the final term is to make a physical 3D of it. I really enjoyed the time in making the 2D and 3D because I feel like, even for once, I get to be an architect and engineer at the same time because when I was a child I dreamed to be an architect someday but due to my lack of drawing and imagination skills I withdraw those thoughts immediately. So I just enjoy myself looking at the flyers that I always received in the malls from a condominium company with the floor plan designs that they offer and also following Facebook pages that post and shares a house design.

I heard AutoCad during the time I’m looking for an application that can help me make a 2D floor plan but because of its complexity I didn’t bother to use it anymore. Too bad one of my subject for my last semester as a Senior High School student is AutoCad. I don’t know what to feel because it’s the application that I don’t want to use but it is also the same application where some architects and other profession draws. As time passes by, I find it somehow easy because of the ready tools present there and the techniques I eventually learned to the point that I found myself enjoying in creating things that we were asked to do. My final project for this subject is to make a 3D model house and even though I spend some of night sleepless because of this the result was still worth because I get to do what I like when I was a kid.

I enjoyed my Installation of Computer System core subject because I learned how to format a computer successfully and put a drivers and application in it. Some of you might say that we don’t need to study this because there is YouTube that will give us the knowledge about it but me, who don’t like to watch lengthy videos, I prefer to learn by teaching it personally to me. Video tutorials don’t usually last longer in my memory that’s why.

I love all of my Programming classes not only because I can surf the internet during the whole class but also make programs that I thought I cannot do. My Grade 9 years makes me think that I cannot do any program because I don’t even know where to start to do the point that I ask one of my classmate to do my project for me, which is not I’m very proud of. So I was shocked that I actually make a successful program for the first time and from there I enjoyed every second of that class even if there are so many confusing codes.

Believe it or not but I actually enjoyed learning about Disaster Readiness and Risk Education. I don’t know why but I really have a thing about studying disaster and that makes me like to study those things which is kind of weird to me for no reason. And to add to my weirdness, I even chose BS Geology as one of my desire course in University of the Philippines which is very far to the course that I want to pursue.

So that's my 5 reasons! To my fellow Grade 12 students, future graduates, what is the thing or activity that you did during your Senior High School Year that you enjoyed and love to do the most? I hope you enjoyed reading this. HATE section is already out!

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